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No description

beth phillips

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of STAMPY

By Alex Chase
This video is haaaaaa stampy.
This video is called there's only one stampy cat because there is only one stampy cat.
This season is called past your bedtime.
This is a picturer of stampy with a cake and diamond sword.
This is a picture of stampy.
This is all of stampy's friends.
This cake is for stampy.
This is stampy's room in stampy's lovley world and stampy is a cat he is Mr.Stampy cat.
This is a picher of stampy's fonland in stampy's lovey would in stampy's vue wild he is playing minecraft.
Stampy is in a lot of lets play viteos in mincraft.
If you aren't waching stampy you should start waching him.
Stampy is in the wool race but I need to ketch up on it I only saw the 1st one of the serres.
when stampy is in truble i would help him.
Stampy is holding a luvly guvly petles.
you should eat cake like stampy right now.
Stampy is funny.
Stampy is the best mincraft you tuber
Stampy is a funny youtuber.
Stampy is the best.
stampy is the best at minecraft.
Stampy is good at plants vs zombies.
Stampy and squid are in the teamwork challenge.
This is a weard stampy.
Srampy is facing a evil stampy.
Stampy loves cake.
Stampy is awesome.
Stampy is the best at minecraft and plants vs zombies.
Stampy has a lot of viteos on you tube.
This is a phone covor with stampy on it.
This is stampy on a pokomon card.
Stampy has a wodon plank and a stone sord.
Stampy has a cake and a dimond sord and he is santa.
Stampy is on a nother pokeymon card.
Stampy is on a nother pokeymon card yet again.
Stampy's real name is Joseph Garrett.
Stampy is awesome and the best.
This is a black stampy.
This is a blue stampy.
Stampy is awesome.
This is stampy and squid.
stampy is on the poket edishon.
stampy is the best.
this is stampy.
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