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No description

Sarah Selle

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Censorship

"The Weekly Editorial"
"The Crusader"
"The Globe"
Muhlenberg College
Point Park Univeristy
Susquehanna University
"Our school administration has not exercised prior restraint officially at our newspaper, and they have never suggested what the students should or shouldn't publish. They have, however, decided to practice information blackout, where they don't allow the students to interview anyone but the PR department. So, all the administration quotes/info seemed canned to read them. This is due, in part, to a story a student published last semester discussing the University President's salary compared with faculty and staff, information that is freely available on Guidestar.org. Unfortunately, the story didn't offer all the proper context, distorting his salary. I was called in, and the Editor-in-Chief was also chastised by the Dean of Faculty, our public relations officer, and the judiciary board. The students have been more careful since to avoid controversy as a means to repair the relationship and re-open dialogue."

"The subjects the administration would like us to avoid are: any stories dealing with issues the administration handles: salary/payroll, curriculum, accreditation, physical plant and properties held, board of trustees, investments, endowment, and so on."
~Dr. Aimee-Marie Dorsten
Private school
Undergrad 3,841 students
Published weekly
Alma mater of Robert Vucic

"Our administration does not see our newspaper before it is printed and therefore has never told us not to publish a story (at least in the 4 years I've been here). We have an adviser, but she is mainly there for guidance when we have questions about an issue. She always tells us that we have the final say in what we print. In general, I would say we don't have any problems with censorship here."
~Emily Peiffer (Student Editor)
Austin Veight, Tim Schumacher, Cody Stryker, Sarah Selle
"The Duke"
Duquesne University
"Front Street Journal"
Reading Area Community College
"At Duquesne, we have our own publications board that is not related to our journalism program, however, as a spiritian university we have restrictions on what ads we are allowed to run (something I find enraging). We are unable to publish ads relating to cigarettes, alcohol and ads relating to promiscuous activity such as phone hotlines and adult clubs."
~ Fred Blauth (Editor-in-Chief)

• Private school
• Undergrad 9,948 students
• 3,000 print issues every Thursday at 13 news stands

"The college does not play a significant role in producing the newspaper. Students are expected to exhibit professionalism and adhere to journalistic standards, such as separating fact from opinion and not writing insensitive remarks.That [censorship] never happened during my tenure. There was some consternation, however, when a student interviewed an adjunct faculty member who was running for state Senate. The administration felt that the student also should have interviewed his opponent."
~ Al Walentis

"Although our newspaper is partially funded by Student Government which has direct ties to the administration, there is very little censorship imposed on us. The Editorial Board has weekly meetings with the President of the College; however, these meetings are strictly to get his ideas for upcoming articles--not to discuss any sort of censorship. The one thing we have always been careful about, however, is not exposing student or faculty names without permission. This has rarely been an issue, but out of respect and to keep the production professional, we do abide by that rule."
~Muhlenberg Weekly Editorial Board
St. Vincent - "The Review"
"The school administration has never placed a prior restraint on an article during my tenure as Faculty moderator. Students have never been dissuaded from or forced to abandon any article on any subject."
~ Dr. Dennis McDaniel"

Private school
Undergrad enrollment of 2,448
Published since 1883
Published weekly (on Thursdays)
Private school
Undergrad enrollment of 2,179
Fall - 12
Spring - 10
Four Main Categories
Living & Arts
Private school
Undergrad enrollment of 1,766
Published 9 times per semester
Student editors control content
"Its mission is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information among all members of the college community."

Community College
4,250 students
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