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Paul and Shivraj

No description

Ameeth Evans

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Paul and Shivraj

Paul and Shivaraj Shine In Basics
The customer was so amazed by the kind of assistance she received and the communication
skills exhibited by these Champions that when Rituraj reached home she called him and
informed him about the wonderful and memorable experience she has had with Myntra. She went on
to say that this by far has been 'THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE' Experience she has ever come
across. She has shopped online from various E-Commerce Portals National and International. This was something she really did not expect and came to her as a pleasant surprise. She was so impressed by the service provided that she says her experience of shopping online has risen to a new high and went on to say that Myntra will go a long way if we continue the way we are going
Rituraj Asthana, one of our CC Champion's had a story to share in regards to an amazing experience his relative had shopping with Myntra.com. As soon as he reached home he heard his relative going gaga over our customer service team.
Customer had called Myntra.com in regards to one of her order's for which she wanted to change the shipping address and also wanted to know how coupons could be used. She called twice on the same day and the calls were handled by Paul Blazo and Shivraj AB.
Paul Blazo and Shivraj AB, that's a job well done!!! For a customer to give us such a wonderful feedback on a general enquiry call just shows that we can make any call a "WOW" experience for the customer as long as we put in that extra effort and just by "BEING HUMAN" to their needs and queries...Kudos to both!!!
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