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Term 1 Learning

For Portfolio Comments

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Term 1 Learning

What have we been learning about this term? Term 1 - OUR LEARNING show two-digit numbers on place value material
apply my place-value knowledge
know how a number containing nine "rolls" over to zeros when 1, 10, 100 is added to the number
know how zeros "roll" back to nines with subtraction by 1, 10, 11
convert tens into hundreds, hundreds into thousands, tens into thousands and vice versa
identify what comes 10 after any given number
write fractions as decimals and vice versa MATHS MATHS READING WRITING INQUIRY Key Competency:
skim to find the main ideas
scan to find specific words / key phrases
put main ideas in order
put main ideas into a nutshell (short and sweet)
justify the main ideas I chose (give a reason / evidence)
Use graphic organisers like: (filmstrip summary strip, problem-solution summary, story pyramid summary, main idea summary frame, what's the big idea?, current events summary, character trait summary, compare-contrast summary frame, key word hunt) to summarise the texts I have read. Recounts and Persuasive Arguments. WRITING Write a recount about my holidays, camp, community walk (events we have experienced or been part of)
write about what we experienced in each paragraph.
Add detail and my feelings about the holidays / camp / community walk. IF YOU WANT TRACTION YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION! INQUIRY Identify community hazards in our school and wider areas
Collect statistical data from students e.g. 'how many people use the alleyway'
Collect statistical data each day by contributing to our class 'How did we come to school today?' pictograph
Create a survey on google form to ask our community stakeholders questions about possible changes in our alleyway
Work with my group to create an ACTION PLAN that identifies the changes we want to make to THE LOOK, THE SAFETY, THE CARE and THE PROMOTION of the alleyway
Work with my group to create a PROPOSAL that proposes the changes we want to make to the alleyway
Research and decide on the materials we need from Placemakers / Bunnings / Mitre 10 and form our proposal BUDGET Key Competency Can interpret words, numbers and images.
Can use movement, metaphor and technology to communicate an idea.
Recognise how symbols, language and text are used to understand other's ideas.
Uses signs, symbols and texts to build on prior knowledge.
Identifies, understands and explains international signs and symbols. MATHS add using tidy numbers
add by splitting numbers into parts to make tens
solve addition problems by going through tens
solve addition and subtraction problems using place value
solve addition and subtraction problems by using rounding and compensating
solve subtraction problems by choosing the most efficient mental strategy Addition / Subtraction EVALUATING READING SUCCESS CRITERIA
Give my opinion (what I think of the text)
make judgments about what I read
challenge the author's ideas
decide if the text is fact or fiction
respond to the text in a personal way (I think that...)
use evidence from the text & my prior experience to justify my opinion
ask a challenging question about the text or author (I don't believe...)
Look for bias
Use reading comprehension cards to evaluate the text with my group: (reading comprehension card questions in journal baskets)
Use Literature Circle Activities to complete a role (e.g. SUMMARISER / ILLUSTRATOR)
Use Literature Circle Activities to discuss my role and evaluate the book with my group Brainstorm our ideas about the topic e.g. (A) Why should parents pick up and drop off their children at the alleyway?
Use graphic organisers to organise the main ideas into a structure / order (T-CHART / FLOW CHART)
Have supporting evidence - LOTS OF DETAIL / information - such as examples
Share our plan with others / our group.
A Catchy Title - that has a hook
State our Position - give our opinion and say what we think about the topic
Series of Arguments - give “good” reasons why we think this way about the topic - justify our opinion with supporting evidence.
Concluding Statement - sum up the main reasons (in a nutshell) and re-state our position - give our opinion again. PERSUASIVE RECOUNT USING LANGUAGE, SYMBOLS AND TEXTS. CHECK YOUR MODELLING BOOK CHECK YOUR MODELLING BOOK WHAT IS YOUR PATH FOR CHANGE?
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