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Jacob S

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Pompeii

Where was Pompeii?
Pompeii was a 160 acre city located near Mt Vesuvius in Italy.
What artifacts were found in Pompeii?
Roughly 2000 casts of Pompeii people's bodies were found, and some interesting artwork. There was also a lot of jewelry and pottery. They discovered buildings, some still completely intact.
What Level of Maslow's pyramid did Pompeii achieve.
Pompeians have reached level five, but the major level that was missed was 2; the safety level, witch in part was because they were bombarded with ash, therefore they were not prepared and safe
Educational video!!

Pompeii Facts
• All artifacts were preserved do to the volcanic ash
• Only ¾ of the city has been discovered
• The city is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.
• Pompeii was a Roman city but it was in Italy.
Why did they reach this level?
They achieved self-esteem because there were a lot of artists (sculptors, painters, poets) and rich people who had artwork they also lived under a volcano and thought they were going to be safe. Some of them thought the volcano was a sign they were blessed by the gods and not the ashy tomb they were met with after the mass destruction of their livelihood . They definitely met self-esteem they were really into themselves, jewelry and beauty

Jewelry of Pompeii
Map of Pompeii
Art of Pompeii
this lady is dead now...
Level 1: Basic Needs
There is a movie coming out in
2014 about Pompeii so if
you're interested in the subject
make sure to check it out....
Level 2: Safety

Level 3: Love and Belonging
Interesting art Pieces show the culture and love and belonging
Level 4: Esteem
Pompeii Selfies: this shows great self esteem

Level 5: Self Actualization
At this age these old betties must be self actual or else they wouldn't be living to their true potential
There was also a doctor who special on Pompeii. It also has Peter Capaldi who is the current doctor.
The people of Pompeii ate fruits, nuts, eggs, and various meats including giraffe.
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