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How did Native Americans on the Plains Perceived and avoided Tornadoes?

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Jay Mosley

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of How did Native Americans on the Plains Perceived and avoided Tornadoes?

Adaptions to Native Americans

How did the Native Americans perceived or avoided Tornadoes?

Native Americans on the plains migrated north during tornado season to avoid them. Some Native Americans placed settlements at junctions of rivers to protect themselves from the tornadoes. Native Americans used their myths and beliefs to help them decide their actions during storms. They adapted to chaotic forces because they saw this as a kind of ancestor or nature spirit.
My topic is how Native Americans on the plains avoid tornadoes. I chose this question because I know there are tornadoes in the plains frequently today, so I wondered how the Native Americans looked and avoided tornadoes. I conducted this investigation by checking a book from a library and looking through many websites and presentations. Mr. Blanchfield also helped me look through some sites.
Strategies to Avoid Tornadoes
Native Americans tried to place their settlements on junctions of rivers because they believed that the tornadoes couldn't cross rivers, which was sort of true, but the rivers weren't large enough to block off tornadoes.
From my investigation there are some very interesting facts that solved how native Americans prevented getting hit by tornadoes and how they perceived them.
"Cyclone Person".2013.


"Spirit of the Coyote".

"Deadman Walking".2013.

Pybus, Nani. "Whirlwind Woman: Native American Mythology and Global Parrelles".2009.

White, Jon. "Everyday Life of the North American Indians". In U.S: Dorset Press, 1979.Book.
Native Americans packed up all of their belongings and migrated to the north near today's Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia provinces in Canada during the tornado season (from April to July) to avoid the heat of the plains and the twisters
They believed that tornadoes were living things .
Some tribes though like the Shawnee believed that tornadoes are kindred spirits that could never harm them.
Some native tribes perceived tornadoes cleansing agent, sweeping away the negative things in life.
Other tribes saw them as they form of revenge for dishonoring the Great Spirit.
Native Americans on the plains knew people were going to die if they saw a "a Dead Man Walking" which is a double twister like below.
Fun fact:
When the English came to the Midwest, the Native Americans on the plains lied that there was'nt severe weather. The English never knew there were tornadoes.
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