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Emotional Imaging and Moral Panic

p.111-117. By your future world leaders. *Applaud nopw* aka. Cliff Bell and Em Zumstein

Emily Zumstein

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Emotional Imaging and Moral Panic

EMOTIONAL IMAGING Moral Panics "If risk is projected as something distant but disastrous, then our responses are suitably muted. If there is a global risk theme such as climate change or attack by ALIENS, then it requires a relevance to a local context for it to generate adequate responses." (112) "To describe the earth as being at risk is not likely to evoke the same degree of hysterical response as saying 'your home is at risk'" (112) "Risks need to be culture specific in order to arouse strong emotional responses. Such emotional responses are very ofter constituent of 'moral panics'" (112) "Moral Panics bring to the surface the hidden tensions of a society..." (114) "A moral panic is generated when a situation, individual or group of people is percieved as a threat to a culture or societies values." (115) PAGES 111-117
EMotional Imaging and Moral Panics!!!!!
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