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asjdas kasjdkas

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Shell

Rol stad Table of Contents Website 1. Overview of Shell
2. Corporate Social Responsibilities
3. Negative Environmental Impacts
4. Diverting Responsibilities
5. Solution #1
6. Solution #2 Shell Overview Grade of "B" based on corportate report card
Industry overview: oil and gas exploration, refining/marketing, and supply of petroleum products/chemicals "All lasting business is built on friendship."
Alfred A. Montapert Corporate Social Responsibilities Negative Environmental Impacts Diverting Responsibilities Solution #1 Shell Prepared by: Shell Shocked Corporate Social Responsiveness Corporate Social Performance Guilty or ethical? Mission Statement
Managerial responsibilities Fin. - Implementing responsibilities
- Fueling change project - Outcomes and actions implemented
- $100,000 to St. Clair River It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffet. "Ethics is the new competitive environment" - Peter Robinson, CEO Mountain Equipment Co-op Solution #2 In 2011, Shell experienced:
A major leak offshore in Nigeria
A large fire at a Singapore refinery.
A pipeline leak in the North Sea off the UK In the same year, $512,000 was donated to the Community Service Fund.
This money could have been more effectively spent on internal environmental restructuring programs. Employment Equality Example Women in management roles comprise of the following:
17.1% in overall management
12.1% in senior management
15.4% in the Board of directors Diverting donation money to create a similar program aimed at women -> solve employment equality problem
Mirror companies such as Wintershall Norge Guilty or ethical? Two Perspectives. Guilty or ethical? Two Perspectives. 1989 explosion at North Sea Facility
Fire at Pulau Bukom oil refinery
Resulting in $80,000 fine
Our solution?
To create a safer working environment through:
creation of an emergency plan
overhaul of the current structure The Shell Board Room. Somewhere far, far away... The reality? Assessment and Analysis
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