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by Nathan Rubenstein

No description

Mr. Parke

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of by Nathan Rubenstein

Who was running to be president this year?
The people running for president this year, 1932, were Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic)and Herbert Hoover(Republican).
Electoral and popular votes
For Franklin Roosevelt, the electoral vote was 472, and for Herbert Hoover, the electoral vote was 59. Franklin had 22,821,857 votes, and Herbert had 15,761,841 votes.
Thanks for watching
My opinion for this
My opinion for the presidential election of 1932 is that it wasn't even close. Franklin Roosevelt had won over most of the U.S, but not the Midwest. Herbert Hoover won those states over. Also, the electoral votes were not even close, either.
by Nathan Rubenstein
Electoral College
The Presidential Election of 1932
The parties for 1932
The Issues
There was a democratic party for Franklin Roosevelt, and a republican party for Herbert Hoover.
Some of the issues for the 1932 election were for both of the candidates. For Herbert Hoover, he had 5,000,000 or less votes than Franklin. But for Roosevelt, he had to fight through the election, and wait
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