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Lego Club!

No description


on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Lego Club!

Hello! Are you a fan of lego? Join the lego club today! You make different creations out of lego (isn't that obvious though?) However, lego club is more then just building lego, you can do a series or something else.
What type of sets are there?
There is a building counstruction set. You can make diggers, more. Perfect if you want to make like a machine factory or WORLD and dominate space (If you want that is, well I know you want to :) There are also different, random bricks which you can make different constructions from.
How will this interest me?
Well, you can make creations with other people or friends. And you can make anything (like minecraft in real life.) You can make anything EVEN the ender dragon from minecraft. Most importantly, you can make anything from lego, amazing isn't it?
How do I join?
Ask one of the lego club staff to give you a letter, you can still join even if its... a bit late. And they SHOULD give you a letter,(hopefully, this isn't helping you is it?)
Lego Club!
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