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Management of Visible and Invisible Resources of Walt Disney

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on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Management of Visible and Invisible Resources of Walt Disney

Our story begins with Miss Zhang's investment decision on 'The Frozen II'

Session 1
Welcome & Introduction
Session 2
Visible Resources Management
Session 3
Invisible Resources Management and BSC
Session 4
Miss Zhang's Recommendations
Management of Tangible and Intangible Resources
(The Walt Disney Company)

Investor Meeting
Group 7
~The End~
Built up on October 16 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney - Disney Brothers Studio

Changed the name in 1926
- Walt Disney Studio

Nowadays, businesses have been

Main Activities (Five Segments)
Media networks
Parks resorts
Studio entertainment
Consumer products
Interactive media

Relational Capital

Brand and Company Name:
High brand equity--customer loyalty

Community Relationship:
CSR repuation--customers, telents

Customer relationship:
Enjoyable experience, engagement

Supplier relationship
Reliable, diverse, sustainable

Organizational culture
1. Assist the growth and feasibility of Disney’s strategy
2. Intend to inspire others to be confident

Structural Capital

Information system
1. Maintain daily routine and operation
2. To avoid intrusion, Disney has developed and maintained the system

Corporate Strategies
creating exceptionally high-quality content for families
making that content more engaging and accessible through the innovative use of technology
growing brands and businesses in markets throughout the world

Reward program
Respectful workplaces
Learning and development abilities
Ethical conduct

Human Capital
Reward Program
Base salary + incentives
Pursue good health
Build your career
Take time to refuel
Retirement benefits
Special extras

Maintain safe workplaces
Develop a diverse workforce
Health and wellness programs for employees and their families

Respectful Workplaces
Professional Development
Management/Leadership Development
Computer Skills
Business Immersion Programs
Individual Career Development

Learning and Development Abilities
Play by the rules

Ethical Conducts
Disney's Balanced Scorecard
Supplier Relationship
MWBEs' monitoring scheme & periodically review

Brand image
campaigns to updates Disney's image
devote more time and money to CSR activities
more discrete in the business expansion

Recommendation —
Relationship Capital
Recommendation —
Structural Capital
Information system
Pay more attention on IS
Employ experts to protect data

Organizational culture
Develop a theme show
Hold periodical recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection
Campus recruitment
Lateral recruitment

Recommendation —
Human Resources Capital
Improve collaboration
Improving social network

Total Assets
(Current & Non-Current)
Tangible Resources
Tangible Resources (con’t)
Intangible Resources

Intangible Resources (con’t)

The History of Disney
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