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Key conventions of a coming of age film

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kevin boateng

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Key conventions of a coming of age film

Key conventions of a coming of age film What are the key conventions of a Coming Of Age film? Theme Audience Characters In order for a Coming of Age film to be successful it would need to have a main character which their age approaching sixteen or eighteen. This is important as this determines on the issues and themes What is a coming of age film? • Characters
• Themes
• Audience
Key conventions of a coming of age film For an coming of age film multiple storylines can be considered such as virginity, pregnancy, drugs, home life, relationships and friendships. The films are all about encouragement and informing of experimenting. This would make the film effective as it would be able to relate to certain parts of the audience who can compare to the storyline or character. A coming of age film are normally targeted at a teenage audience, however they can include explicit and controversial themes which could rise the rating to over 18 which would draw older audiences too. This genre can also be split into two ‘sections’ that which is younger teen and older teens which gives this genre a variety of viewers. The media meaning? Originally the actual meaning of a Coming of age is a young person's transition from childhood to adulthood. This could vary however it's mostly common from teens. In media studies, coming of age is a sub-genre from Drama. Coming of age dramas are targeted at a teenage audience. This concentrates on the growth and maturity of a protagonist from the youth to adulthood. Coming of age films tend to emphasize dialogue or internal monologue over action. Themes of maturation, acculturation, loss of innocence, wisdom or acumen, and worldliness are often present. The main storyline is a teen who is at first childish or immature but then as they gain experiences they tend to become more complacent and humble.
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