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Senior Orientation

No description

kaitlin hurley

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Senior Orientation

Welcome to Career Services!
Who We Are
Lauren Hubacheck, director
Janet Neely, associate director of career development
Angelique Kim, associate director of employer relations
Karen Johnson, assistant director
Joe Santacroce, assistant director of internships
Ruthann Reed, office manager
Employer Relations:
Making Connections Between Students and Employers
Our Role in Career Services
The employer relations team is building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with employers for all departments that will provide opportunities for students, recent graduates, and alumni. The initiative generates creative ways for employers to engage with our campus and maintains an open line of communication with those employers.

On-Campus Recruiting
What is On-Campus Recruiting?
Companies with full-time professional positions and internships are invited to schedule interview dates

Who is Eligible?
Undergraduate and graduate students graduating during the 2014/2015 academic year

How Does it Work? Glad You Asked!
Register with career services via CSO (career services online) and submit a resume
Schedule an appointment with career services to prepare for the interview
Regularly check updated listings of companies scheduled to interview on campus
Via CSO, submit your resume to career services by designated due date

Then What?
Career services will forward your resume to the employers
The employers select candidates to be interviewed
Check CSO to see if you have been selected and choose an interview time slot

Recruiting Policies
Why Have Recruiting Policies?
Students will have the tools they need to represent themselves well to employers in a competitive marketplace
Employers commit time and resources to travel and interview Salem State students
Salem State's reputation may be impacted

Recruiting Policies
No Show Policy
No shows will not be tolerated- a letter of apology to the employer and career services must be submitted within 24 hours
Explanation of why the student missed the interview must be included in the letter
Determination will be made by the career services office as to whether or not the student may continue the program
If a valid explanation is not provided or if the student is a no show for the second time, he/she may be dismissed from the program and be removed from all interview schedules

Late Arrival to Interview
It will be up to the employer as to whether or not the interview will be conducted
Serious Business
Do Your Research!
Before the interview, go to the company's website and gather as much information about the organization as possible
Employers can tell who went the extra step to learn about them
Be Honest
Never falsify your information (i.e., work experience, academic performance)
Same Day Interviews
Please do not approach the employer directly for a same day interview
Check with the staff of career services to learn about same day interview procedures
Serious Business
Dress for Success

Men's Interview Attire

Suit (solid color - navy or dark grey)
Long sleeve shirt (white or coordinated with the suit)
Dark socks, conservative leather shoes
Neat, professional hairstyle
Limit the aftershave
Neatly trimmed nails
Portfolio or briefcase
Little Details Make a Big Difference
Monitor your Online Presence

Make sure your social media is appropriate - search yourself!
Join LinkedIn

Phone Etiquette
Answer the phone professionally
Professional sounding voice mail
If you miss a call from an employer, be sure to call them back (even if you're not interested)
No ring back tones
Be sure to be in a quiet area when on the phone with an employer
If an employer gives you a call without a prior appointment and it is not a good time to speak with the employer, it is okay to reschedule a call for a better time

Follow Up
Be sure to send a follow up thank you e-mail to the employer after the interview

Once you Accept an Offer
Withdraw from all internship and job search activities

Job Offer!
Senior Orientation
Career Services
A Guide for On-Campus Recruiting and the Journey Ahead
Presented By:
Annual Career Fair
Mock Interviews with State Street Corporation
Dining with Confidence: A Business Etiquette Dinner
On-Campus Interviews
Careers with Animals
Careers in Sustainability
Dress for Success

And More to Come!
Cancellation Policy

Students can cancel an interview through CSO (at least 2 business days notice)
Cancellations made the day of the interview require a letter of apology to the employer
A copy of the letter must be sent to career services
Women's Interview Attire

Suit (navy, black or dark grey)
(The suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably)
Coordinated blouse
Conservative shoes
Limited jewelry (no dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets)
Professional hairstyle
Neutral pantyhose
Light make-up and perfume
Neatly manicured clean nails
Portfolio or briefcase
Who We Worked With Last Year:

Not Sure What to Where? Just Ask!

Source- About.com
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