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All about me

No description

alondra ramos

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of All about me

Alondra Ramos
All About Me
I was born on November 21st & I moved here when I was 7.
My hometown is Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato.
I was born there and still go 2 times a year. Its a very historical place full of fun things to do, that's why its known as the "magic town". I used to go to school there and that's one of my biggest memory form there.
My favorite food is sea food (:
My best birthday was when I turn 15, like most people know its a Mexican tradition to have a quinceanera.
Color: Hot pink & purple
Music: All kinds
Season: Winter and fall
Hobby: listing to music & riding horses.
My Passions
Favorite Singers
La Arrolladora
La Maquinaria Nortena
Calibre 50
Julion Alvarez
There are too many songs I like I can't just pick five.
Top Movies
1. Ice Age
3.The Notebook
4.The Hangover
On a rainy Saturday...
I like staying home watching movies.
My Future Plans...
are to finish school, go to college and get and an education. I also want to get marry and have two kids (:
The End (:
I was named Alondra, just because my mom liked it. My name is actually the named of a bird.

My Name*
My favorite thing to do is being
with my friends and family.
The most important thing to me is my family. I have 3 brothers, one sister & of course my mom & dad.
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