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Halloween—Prezi Design

Especiales por Experiencia Prezi

Rocío van Nierop

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Halloween—Prezi Design

is a cowboy...
To use it, click on "Make a copy"
This prezi is interactive and customizable for you to spook your friends.
Halloween 2013
decided to be a cheerleader...
went incognito!
(Prezi Template)
8. Repite los pasos 3 y 4 para ubicar la foto dentro de la calabaza.
...decidided to wear costumes!
strange things...
things happen...
...this Halloween there will be no horror in the streets. For the first time, the Halloween monsters ...
...but first you have to wear a costume!

Brought to you by

Experiencia Prezi
The monsters want you to come to the party...
9. Add steps to your prezi to include your characters and pumpkin
10. Share with friends and family!
1. Make a copy of this prezi and edit it.
2. On step 15 select a character.
4. Send the picture backwards (right click on the picture).
5. Adjust the picture and rotate it.
7. Now insert a picture of your friends wearing costumes!
always wanted to be a clown...
For a better experience, enjoy this prezi in full screen mode.
3. Insert the picture of a friend.
6. Dress him as you please.
Instructions to use this template:
Sonido ambiente tomado de:

Independent Prezi Experts
8. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add a picture
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