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End of Season Hits and Misses

Collateral/Signs and Graphics Presentation

Andrew Baird

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of End of Season Hits and Misses

Northstar Fist Pumps! Lodging Check-In Folders "Bro, Green is the new Black" How to celebrate Jersey style with a Fist Pump: Fast Pass Signage More than Double what we budgeted....that calls for a celebration! Let's go tanning! Northstar Bad Tan Lines Sometimes things don't quite...you know, work...and all that Trail Map Production and Delivery I'm sayin', that stuff was supposed to be here like yesterday bro! NEAT Recycle/Blue Bag Signage Project "Lemme break this down - you was supposed to help us tell people to GO GREEN, you wasn't supposed to SPEND ALL OUR GREEN!" WHAT?!?!?! Sierra Fist Pumps! WM/Sierra Mtn Signage Timing and Delivery Sierra Trail Map Order/Re-Order Sierra Bad Tan Lines F&B Signage Accuracy Umm, that's like, not what it's supposed to say...... Teryiaki? C'mon, even these guys know that ain't right...... Sierra Event Flyers Yeah....um, thanks for that....I guess? Tradeshow Backdrop Banner Whoa dude, whoa. That ain't the price we agreed to. Now I gotta dip into my hairgel fund! Opportunities *Any Jersy Shore reference to Opportunities would be completely inappropriate, sorry to leave you hanging...... Sierra Yeah, hi. Do I know you? Northstar/Overall I'm tellin you, there's more to this whole online thing than just Hot or Not.......... No way! I got this before February? Fist Pump!
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