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Reasons why we applause

No description

Elle Popova

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Reasons why we applause

Reasons for Applause
Clapping, applause or the striking of two hands together is an action motivated by different incentives, feelings and ends. Many people clap or applaud as a sign of appreciation, often as a sign of respect or enjoyment at the end of a performance.
"Social contagion"
6 Clapping for medical benefits
"To be a legitimate emperor,you have to appear in public and receive the applause of the people… Applause became the vehicle for the performance.” - Greg Aldrete , professor of history at the University of Wisconsin for The Atlantic magazine
Clapping is
Clapping used
1 As a sign of appreciation
3 To call a servant
2 In music
4 Sarcastically
5 To indicate the change or start
Emperor Augustus
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