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Clash of Clans!

No description

Eddie Liao

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Clash of Clans!

Resource Buildings
Clash of Clans!
What is Clash of Clans?
Clash of Clans is an iOS game that you can get in the iTunes app store. Its an addicting game that puts you in charge of a village. The main goal is to destroy opponents bases and protect your own Town Hall. You have to train your army, build defenses, collect resources and command attacks. There are many different troops and buildings that I will explain later.
There are many different troops in Clash of Clans. Below is a list of troops you can train(all troops are based on Level 1:
-Barbarians: 45 hit points
-Archers: 20 hit points
-Goblins: 25 hit points
-Giants: 300 hit points
-Wallbreakers: 20 hit points
-Balloons: 150 hit points
-Wizards: 75 hit points
-Healers: 500 hit points
-Dragons: 1900 hit points
-P.E.K.K.As: 2800 hit points
Below are Dark Elixer Troops (explained later)
-Minions:55 hit points
-Hog Riders:285 hit points
-Valkyrie: 750 hit points
-Golem: 4500 hit points
-Witch: 75 hit points

The Barracks is one of the most important buildings in the game. The are the base of your army, together with the army camp. The Barracks are the buildings that can train troops for you to send in battle. To train, you have to pay the respective amount of Elixer and then wait for the train time to complete. You may automatically finish training all your troops for a amount of gems. The training time in the Barracks can be sped up using gems too. The Dark Barracks is a more advanced Barracks for training dark troops, but dark elixer must be consumed to train these advanced but powerful troops.
Your village will need a lot of defenses to protect you from attacks that other players will attempt. The first defense building you will get is the Cannon. This is also a very strong building once you get it to high levels. Below is a list of defensive buildings and their damage or protection at max level.

-Cannon (Level 12) 86 damage
-Archer Tower (Level 12) 86 damage
-Mortar (Level 8) 65 damage
-Air Defense (Level 8) 320 damage
-Wizard Tower(Level 8) 48 damage
-Hidden Tesla (Level 7) 87 damage
-X-Bow (Level 4) 80 damage
-Inferno Tower (Level 3) 36 damage
-Wall (Level 11) 7000 hit points
Below are traps:
-Bomb (Level 5) 34 damage
-Spring Trap- Auto kills up to 15 housing space of troops
-Giant Bomb (Level 4) 250 damage
-Air Bomb (Level 4) 173 damage
-Seeking Air Mine (Level 3) 2100 damage
-Pumpkin Bomb(Currently not available) 25 damage
-Santa Strike- 20 damage

Raiding is one of the most useful ways to obtain loot and get trophies(just in case I didn't explain what trophies are, they basically give you an approximate rank). As you can see in the background(or not), on the top left corner, it shows the amount of loot you can steal, what league he is in(apparently nothing), the amount of trophies you get by winning, the amount of trophies you lose if you fail the raid and his name. On the bottom you can see your own troops and how much damage you have to the opponents base. Destroying the Town Hall gives you one star, 50% gives you two stars and full destruction gives you three stars .
There really isn't much you can do to stop a raid, since you can only get attacked when you are offline. Like I said before, Heroes, Defenses and Traps can defend your base. You may also get shields to prevent you from getting attack during a period of time. If a opponent successfully raids you, you will lose trophies, MAY lose resources(but not all), and get a shield. If you successfully defend your village, you will gain trophies but you still MAY lose loot(but not all).
Resource buildings are buildings that give you resources(hence the name). There are a few different resource buildings. They included the following:
Gold Mine (Level 11) 3000 gold per hour
Elixir Collector (Level 11) 3000 elixir per hour
Dark Elixir Drill(Level 6) 100 dark elixir per hour
Gold Storage(Level 11)2000000 storage capacity
Elixir Storage(Level 11) 2000000 storage capacity
Dark Elixir Storage(Level 6) 200000 storage capacity

Heroes are immortal troops that can be used to attack or defend your base. Currently, there are only two heroes in the game, the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. These heroes still do have health but you only have to train them once. If a hero takes damage or falls in a battle, you can let it sleep for it to regenerate health. During this time, your hero(es) cannot attack or defend.
Spells are items that you can create with the Spell Factory. There are a total of five different spells. They include(in order of each Spell Factory level not including Santa's Surprise) Lightning Spell, Heal Spell, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, Freeze Spell and the Santa's Surprise(Currently not available). The Lightning Spell summons lightning, the Heal Spell creates a temporary ring of healing, the Rage Spell creates temporary ring of speed and power, the jump spell creates a temporary ring that lets your troops jump over walls, the Freeze Spell can temporarily freeze your opponents defenses and the Santa's Surprise summons a Santa that drops explosive presents.
Leagues are basically ranks. There are a couple of leagues. Each league is also split into different sections 1,2 and 3(Lower the number the better). The higher the league you are, the higher the loot bonus will be for each successful raid. They include(in order) Nothing, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master then Champion.

How can I forget clans? Its in the title of this game! Clans are basically groups of people that team up and help each other. To join a clan though, you have rebuild the ruined clan castle.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Last But Not Least, Town Hall!
The most important part of your village is you Town Hall. There are a total of ten levels but I'm only putting up the level 10 picture. The Town Hall tells you how many buildings you can make and have and how far you can upgrade them. They are usually the most targeted building one raiding(but not always) which means it should be protected(unless you're farming). The Town Hall always holds 1000 Elixir and Gold. It has the highest amount of health a building can have not including walls.
Just a Note
Before I begin, when I was doing my "Clans" section of my Prezi, it got deleted so I'm just gonna talk about it. By the way , there will NOT be a quiz because this is super long. Thanks!
Thanks for Watching!
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