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Stand Out in a Crowd

Creating an Effective Presentation

Chris Petruzzi

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of Stand Out in a Crowd

OUT Stand in a Crowd How can you differentiate yourself? BALANCE FOLLOW ME BALANCE Arranging Elements To Show a Relationship Between Them Proximity and Unity I am Saddened :( Re-United! ALIGNMENT you can get very creative with alignment in prezi Repetiton and Consistency Repeating design elements and constitent use of type/graphics helps unify your presentation CONTRAST can be shown in many ways it can be shown with different FONT choices with color or through scale! there is a lot you can do with Prezi Above all you want to be eye-catching! Helpful Tips Know
Audience Know Your
Content Break
the notion
of "slides" Have a Fun BE
CREATIVE design Understand !
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