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Rouen has got talents

Job fair

Charlotte Vuichoud

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Rouen has got talents

Rouen has got talents
Trouvez le talent qui manque à votre équipe !
Determined to help you to succeed
Pascal Bouvier
EIA Supervisor
Highly methodic, Hardworking, Enthusiastic
+33 6 63 25 19 59
Languages: French, English
Mobility: Normandy and abroad
Facilitator of sales processes
Betty Gallais
Sales and Logistic Assistant
Adaptable, well-organized, conscientious
+33 6 33 96 64 53
Languages: French, English
Mobility: Rouen area, Le Havre
Your globe-trotter Business Woman
Clotilde Cadot
Business Developer
Autonomous, Curious, Dynamic
+33 6 51 61 04 54
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Mobility: Normandy area and abroad
My challenge is to help you develop your business
Jean-Marc Cayarcy
Sales Assistant
Well-organized, Dynamic, Proactive
+33 6 67 57 88 20
Languages: French, English, Creole
Mobility: Normandy and abroad
Turn the unknown into high-yield low-risk
Julien Milesi
Risk Manager
Analytical, Curious, Spirit of initiative
+33 6 45 91 97 15
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Mobility: Worldwide
Experienced in monitoring trials,
motivated to go further with you
Maruska Di Febo
Junior Project Manager in Clinical Research
Positive, Multitasking skills, Pragmatic
+33 6 48 13 80 11
Languages: Italian, French, English
Mobility: Worldwide

Strengthen your quality safety policy
François Quesnel
SHQE Manager
Effective, Determined, Analytical
+33 6 46 22 31 11
Languages: French, English
Mobility: Europe, US, Asia
Always coming up with creative ideas
Charlotte Vuichoud
Innovation & Communication Project Manager
Dynamic, Positive, Determined
+33 6 71 31 94 85
Languages: French, English
Mobility: Worldwide
Managerial and languages skills that will contribute to the success of your company
Ekaterina Markina
Product Manager
Autonomous, Hardworking, Enthusiastic
+33 6 16 68 62 37
Languages: Russian, French, English
Mobility: Europe, Northern America, Russia
Ready to develop your International Business
Diana Cornejo
Sales Manager
Autonomous, Well-organized, Persevering
+33 6 61 41 67 08
Languages: Spanish, French, English
Mobility: Normandy area and abroad
Let's build the future together
Quentin de Pas
Adaptable, Creative, Methodical
+33 6 65 74 66 68
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Mobility: Worlwide
I would like to be a Lawyer in an International Environment
Nathalie Szmiel
Showing initiative, Team spirit, Rigourous
+33 6 83 88 34 53
Languages: French, English
Mobility: Europe, Northern America
Sur les profils LinkedIn
Young and talented physician who would like to innovate with you
Thomas Lacroix
Research, Development & Innovation in Physics
Autonomous, Curious, Open-minded
+33 6 82 65 21 64
Languages: French, English
Mobility: North of France & Belgium
Dans la presse
76 Actu
: Des demandeurs d'emploi créent leur propre salon pour l'emploi : http://urlz.fr/1icL
Paris Normandie
: Ces rouennais ont du talent http://urlz.fr/1icW
Plus d'infos
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