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The Black Dahlia

No description

Jade Oates

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia
Elizabeth (Beth) Short
Raised in Massachusetts
5'5 115lbs
Traveled around the country
staying in hotels often at the expense of men she met
Love to go to the movies as a child
her friends called her "The Black Dahlia" because she always wore black and dyed her hair black
Beth's Mugshot
At the age of 19, she was arrested for underage drinking while out with several servicemen
The Murder
found January 15, 1947 in Leimert Park,
Los Angeles, CA
July 29, 1924 - January 15, 1947
glasgow smile
cut in half at the waist
mutilation and missing flesh
Jack Anderson Wilson
(a.k.a Arnold Smith)
Doctor George Hodel
Dr. Patrick S O'Reilly
The unsolved murder of Beth Short
Sensationalized Media
Reporters arrived at the scene before investigators
60+ "Confessing Sams"
Describes Beth as a party girl who wooed many men
Newpapers said Beth was last seen in a "sheer blouse and tight black skirt"
rumors circulated that Beth had had an affair with Marilyn Monroe
Who killed Elizabeth Short?
washed body
36 years old
previously tried for molesting 15 year old daughter
Beth's doctor
Specialized in STDs and womens health
Original suspect in case but let go due to lack of substantial evidence.
After death his son, Steve swore on his fathers guilt
" So what if I killed her..."

Beth's single shoe and purse found in nearby dumpster identified by suspect
Various personal items that belonged to Beth were sent into the LAPD
Letter from the "Black Dahlia Avenger"
Father lived blocks from dump site
interviewed by John Gilmore, author of
said he saw her murdered by his friend
his information matched case files exactly
the man he said committed the murder never actually existed.
night before police were meant to interview Wilson, he died in a hotel fire
Wilson's mugshot (left) provides evidence of criminal activity and an aptitude for violence
there are rumors that Beth had a genital defect, rendering her unable to have vaginal sex
shortly before her death she stayed with a family who kicked her out "because she was lazy"
she dated lots of men, often servicemen, who could become very jealous
Health & History
Knew Short through Hansen
Frequented Florentine Gardens and sex parties with Hansen
History of sexually motivated crime
Convicted of assault with a deadly weapon
Right pectoral had been removed
Robert Manley
Initial search for the "red-haired man"
25-year-old married salesman
Last person seen with Beth before murder
Drove her from San Diego to Los Angeles
Scratches on Beth's arms
Night at the motel, bus station
Biltimore Hotel
Shaky alibi
Lie Detector Tests
Patton State Hospital
We believe that Robert Manley murdered Beth after she refused his advances. His wife provided an alibi in denial of her husband's affair. He eventually was overwhelmed with guilt and suffered a mental breakdown.
*warning: graphic images to come
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