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Resumes & Interviewing

No description

Michelle Berg

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Resumes & Interviewing

Do you have the skills?
Do you have the motivation?
Are you a good fit for us?
Resumes & Interviewing
Your Qualifications
Resumes & interviewing are both about selling your

skill set
and demonstrating
communication skills

Your skills
Your experience
Your personality
Step 1
Evaluate what qualifications you have that will make you a STRONG candidate!
Step 2
Develop examples of how you've demonstrated those skills in the past.

Step 3
Practice answering interviewing questions and communicating specific examples of your skills/experience.
Step 4
Check your social media presence
Career Center Resources
Career Connection --> Upload resume
Individual appointments
Resume and cover letter reviews
Mock interviews with a staff member
InterviewStream (access through gcsu.edu/career)
Career Center Pinterest page for "Dress for Success"
What they want to know is: will you be a good fit for us?
Situations when you communicated effectively
Situations where you collaborated with others
Situations where you met a challenge
Work, school, volunteering, leadership roles, and service learning.
If your reader can't discern your skills/experience quickly and easily on your resume....
Frequent resume mistakes:
Formatting errors and inconsistencies
Duties vs. accomplishments
Leaving off important info
Too long/too short
Too vague
Not tailored for context
Determine how you will highlight your skills on your resume.
Resume Quick Tips:
Use headings that highlight your skills
Use bullet points
Start bullets with action verbs
Use specifics in descriptions (numbers help)
Don't use a template
Fact: Interviewing involves more strategy than you think!
Tips for the interview:
Research the organization and position
Make notes (fit, skills, position, questions)
Practice your answers
Practice answering behavioral questions ("tell me about a time when...")
Determine your professional attire
Determine interview location
Questions for them
Plan ahead!
Do your best
Thank you!
Get there early
Be confident. Remember that you're qualified!
Firm handshake
Emphasize your points as practiced
Ask them questions after it's over
When in doubt end with a question about next step
Thank them and collect contact info/business cards
Follow up with a thank you note/email quickly
Restate your enthusiasm
Add key points you've thought of since the interview ended
Be persistent but polite to keep your name in the game
All interview questions essentially ask 1 of 3 things.
Facebook: privacy settings, pictures, etc.
Create a LinkedIn account and highlight your accomplishments
Tell me about yourself.
What are your biggest strengths?
What is one of your weaknesses (and how you're working on it)?
Tell me about a time when...(stressful situation, worked in a team, etc.)
What makes you stand apart from other candidates?

Tell me about yourself.
What do you know about our company?
Why are you interested in this company/this position?
Why are you interested in a career in...?
What are your career goals?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What questions do you have for us?
Tell me about yourself.
What type of work environment do you prefer?
What do you do to alleviate stress?
How do you balance multiple responsibilities?
What makes you a good fit for this position?
Why are you interested in this company/this position?
Be a good listener!
Take notes!
Don't pull out your phone/iPod!

And a few extra tips...
Be organized (and look professional)!
Other Resources
Take the C.A.R.

When answering questions remember:
Analytical skills
Communication skills
Teaching skills
Research skills
Attention to detail
Problem-solving skills
Examples of your skills:
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