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06.03 Protists

No description

Phoebe Sanchez

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of 06.03 Protists

06.03 Protists
Phylum - Euglenozoa
Work Experience (Contributions)
Lake Baikal (reduced carbon dioxide levels there)
Beneficial to the water
Euglena Spirogyra (found in freshwater)
I am looking for a position in Lake Malawi, which is the ninth largest lake in the world and is home to more species of fish than any other lake.
Background (characteristics)
by: Phoebe Sanchez
Common Ecosystem - Freshwater and salt waters
oval shape
color green
has flagellum that twirls to move itself through water and gathers food from its long, whipped tail
consumes food through photosynthesis
Lake Superior (I can tell you if the water is polluted by thriving where green algae is prominent)
Lake Michigan-Huron (provide a lot of nutrients)
First protists to be seen under a microscope
Provide enough nutrients that the human body needs
E. viridis (found in freshwater, bloom in numbers of sufficient to color the surface of ponds and ditches green)
E. sanguinea (found in freshwater, has red color due to presence of astaxanthin and may turn the water red if enough pigment)
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