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how to spend money wisely

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Jake Hall

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of how to spend money wisely

How to spend money wisely By Hall
Jake Avoid Impulse Buying get a job stay healthy conserve energy Don't Gamble determine what you
actually need get help if your in
financial trouble what is a budget? stop using credit cards! control your expenses Have a budget. A budget is a spending plan that you decide upon. It is based on how much you make in income and what your monthly expenses are. By understanding your monthly income and expenses, you will be able to manage your cash flow much better. their are many ways to control your expenses
1) only get necessities not wants
2)when shopping for food or any other items make a list;
it will help you organize spending habits.
3)shop at stores that offer discount prices try visiting flea markets.
4)create a budget for bills food and other living expenses.
5) pay off your debt earlier. Dont use your credit card to make everyday purchases. Items like food, clothing, and gas shouldn't be purchased with a credit card. Using your credit card as another way to pay for cash is a habit that can quickly lead to debt. For ordinary purchases, leave your credit card in your wallet and use cash or debit card instead. you will be better of just using cash for smaller purchases. if you use cash for your purchases then you will know when you are running out of money. Gas can get expensive; try using public transportation, such as buses or taxis. also try biking walking or even scootering! some other ways to get across town are hitchhiking, rollerblading, heeling, ripsticking and riding on the train.
Check your yellow pages or call the Chamber of Commerce and ask if your community has a consumer credit agency that helps with credit counseling. Go prepared with all your budget information, assets, bills, resources, loans, and so forth.
Save money on utilities by turning down the heat, turning off lights, taking quick showers, and turning the water off while you brush your teeth. Hang wet laundry to dry outside if you can. Before making any purchases, ask yourself
do i really need this ? or is this just a want? But make sure your honest with your answers. If you cannot get all the way through the questions, it is probably an impulse buy and you should pass it up. ask yourself
Do i need this?
Will I use it?
Is this the best price i can get on it? working while you go to school can help you earn extra money. Just make sure you are not working long hours to pay for fancy clothes or a car while forgetting your education. Check with the career center or placement office for a listing of on- and off-campus jobs.
It costs a lot in time, energy, missed classes, and medical bills when you're sick. You can avoid many illnesses by respecting your body and using common sense. Exercise an hour a day and avoid unhealthy snacks and poor eating habits. Fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, brown rice and whole grains are healthy and cost less than processed and convenience foods. Get plenty of exercise and rest, and do not use harmful substances. Saving money on transportation You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery. If you spend $200 a year on the state lottery from age 18 to 67, you will have $115,000 less to spend at retirement. sources sources http://mywifequitherjob.com/how-to-build-wealth-by-spending-money-wisely/ http://christiananswers.net/q-eden/wise-spending.html
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