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Medical bills are paid by a mixture of government funds, pri

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angel white

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Medical bills are paid by a mixture of government funds, pri

Medical bills are paid by a mixture of government funds, private insurance, individuals out of pocket

National health care systems gov policy makers focus on containing cost (ex. administrative costs) and care equality.

Because of malpractice suits doctors approach defense medicine which rises the cost of medical care.

Employers would rather have the government cover health insurance like other countries.
Don't want to pay for their employees health insurance, so they cut benefits covered by gov programs, but at the same time they want to receive the tax break or subsidy given to them or providing health insurance to employees.

Health care is rising rapidly

But 2020 we will be most likely spending 20% of our GDP

Employees based insurance has increased by 54% since 2000

Medicare + Medicaid could amount to about 1/4 of the GDP be 2050

Cost of health acre
Americans spend ore than $2.9 trillion a year on health care

Health expenditures are one of the largest component of America's economy

Democracies with developed economies -ex. Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany- Provides Universal health care coverage for their citizens, while spending less of their money.

Americans are generally healthy, but they fall behind many countries in some key health care categories

-life4 expectancy
-Infant Mortality rate (Proportion of babies who don't survive their firs 5 years of life)

Infant mortality rate is considered the key indicator of the nations health.

The united states spends more money per person on health care than any other country

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