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Alice Programming

No description

Krithika Saravanan

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Alice Programming

Alice Programming
Alice Software
Latest Version of Alice
Vision for the Alice Project
Create interest in more youth and females to further expand programming knowledge and consider a career in CS
More workshops in North American schools
Taught in more institutions around the world
Works Cited
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Great creative outlet
Easy to understand and learn
Conceptual intro to programming
Free software available for Windows, Mac and Linux
User friendly interface
Builds your confidence and skills
Relevant Careers
Quick tutorial
Software Developer --- Bachelor of CS at University of Waterloo
Computer Animator --- Diploma in 3D Animation at Seneca *Portfolio requirement
Alice 3.1 --- animated characters and scenes from
The Sims 2
Netbeans plugin --- switch from simple drag and drop to typing standard Java code
Export animations to YouTube
Might not capture some people's interest
Not the best graphics
Object based educational programming software
Interactive interface
Create basic 3D animations and video games
Developed by research team led by professor Randy P. at Carnegie Mellon University
Initial release in 2000
Taught to all ages
Based on Alice programming language
Internationalized to accept any language and translated into Spanish
Concepts in Alice
OOP concepts
3D world is the main class
Every other class is an object class
Sequence vs. concurrency
Decision statements
Methods and parameters
Developed by CS Ph.D. student at CMU
Story-based tutorials
Predefined animations
Target audience --- middle school students
Storytelling Alice
Skills in Alice
Step by step procedure to solving problems

1. Given a scenario --- problem statement
2. Create visual storyboard --- develop a flowchart
3. Create textual storyboard --- write pseudocode
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