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Elizabeth Johnston

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Chains

By Laurie Halse Anderson
An important part in the novel Chains, was when Isabel was gathering her belongings before she and Ruth left their home. Isabel decides that she is going to take a few seeds, whose species are unknown. This is important, because it was a significant event in the beginning of the book, and was often a thing Isabel went to check on. They remind her of her mother, and acted as a symbol of venturing into the unknown and being adventurous.
Important Event #1
Important Event #2
Isabel decides to gather some essential things before escaping. She tries to steal Lady Seymour's money, but is caught, so she apologizes. Lady Seymour acknowledges Isabel's plan, and she says something surprising as well: "Run." she told Isabel. This is an important event, because it reminds the reader of the bond between Lady Seymour and Isabel, and how much she cared for Isabel.
Important Event #3
When Isabel discovers that Ruth has been sold, she cannot believe what has happened. She is so overcome with rage, that she approaches Madam on the stairs in a rather intimidating way, and speaks to her in a way that was "unacceptable" for slaves to speak to their owners. The whole scene eventually ends up with Madam throwing a painting at Isabel, but it shows how courageous Isabel was to confront Madam and express her feelings of anger in such a way.
Important Event #4
Although it is a small detail, an extremely important event in Chains was when you discover the fact that Isabel has the ability to read. This is important, because it later benefits her throughout the rest of the book, whether she is reading Master Lockton's documents, or inspirational quotes from Thomas Paine.

Isabel befriends several characters throughout the book. Lady Seymour, for example, cared deeply for Isabel, and helped her escape. Curzon cared for her as well, and tried to help her escape in any way he could. Characters as small as the man in the shop who gave Isabel the small book were even friendly towards her as well. It was these people who helped her to keep going.
Famous Person: Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball was born in New York in 1911. She was known as a model, TV actress, and comedian. She acted on the TV show "I Love Lucy". Nominated for an Emmy award 13 times and won four times, Lucy was regarded as a "Failed actress", and "Queen of the B's", ("B" movie actors). Despite all the hate she got, she showed success from her accomplishments, including receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is similar to Isabel, because she kept going, even though people thought she was untalented. Isabel, with nearly everything gone, kept going also. She followed what she though she was capable of, just like Lucy. She is different from Isabel, because Isabel gave up at first, then returned to go on her mission, but Lucy was rejected, then instantly went back to conquer it. I picked this person, because she was very determined, just like Isabel.
Words: "Run."
Feelings: She is at the end of her life, and cares about Isabel and making sure she is safe and happy. She urges her to leave.
Character Map: Lady Seymour
Important Events
Words: "Run."
Conflict #1
Character V. Society
Isabel was branded with a permanent "I" mark on her face that stood for "Insolence" and it is a constant reminder of her shame. Everyone in the society looks down upon her for this; she often receives looks of dismay and frowns of disapproval.
Conflict #2
Character V. Character
Madam Lockton is constantly abusing Isabel. It is a battle for Isabel to be cautious when hatching plans hat need to be kept hidden from Madam. Both hate each other, but the heavier end is coming from Isabel and traveling to Madam.
Isabel V. Madam
Conflict #3
Character Vs. Fate
Isabel V. Fate
Isabel's fate is constantly on her mind. Will she ever escape. What happened to Ruth. Will she ever be free again.. She is battling these thoughts of what will become of her.
Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown New York in
1911. She is most commonly known for her work as a television actress, model, American comedian, and actor on the hit TV show "Love Lucy". Ball was regarded as a "Failed actress" and "Queen of the B's" meaning 'b' movie actors as opposed to "a". Despite all the criticism she got, ball continued to do what she loved best, and proved to everybody what she could do it, based on her several awards and achievements: she was nominated for the Emmy award 13 times, and won four, and she also received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Theme: Friendship
Actions: Isabel enters her room to steal money, but apologizes. Lady Seymour accepts, and tells her it is okay.
The End!!
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