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No description

bndri 77

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of travel

In the last summer vacation
I traveled to

with my family
while my close friend traveled

Rio de Janeiro
is one of the most popular city in Brazil. It’s famous for its natural attractions and tourist beaches
Was a very amazing experience

the best beach
The beaches of Rio de Janeiro's vibrant
And in which many sports like Volleyball or football and eat ice cream and enjoy with sun
there are many things to see and do in

Rio de Janiero is considered to
be the Carnival Capital of the World
and considered the biggest carnival
in the world with two million people
Windsurfing is a very
famous sport there
because of the
strong waves
make the man

can be an adventure for your taste
Eating in Brazil
After a week of fun and exploration
in Brazil ended my trip
thank you
View of the city
from the top
and see the
nature below
was a very interesting
cup world
Brazilian people love football so much
And a lot of people come to in the World Cup season
And there are lots of tourists from all countries 
  and Brazil has won the World Cup five times.
if there is one word to describe Brasil,
then it should be

National dish
Brazil as we all know is the fifth largest
country in the world.
also I visited

Amazon River
Amazon is the second longest
river in the whole world and it is 6400 km

It is always rainy all the year and contains a lot of trees and animals
and   It is the most famous forests in the South American

One of the most wonderful places
in Rio de Janeiro,
"Lapa "
in their reviews of the outdoors.

One of the most
natural wonders in the world,
is a series of waterfalls are located on both sides
of the border between
Brazil and Argentina.

"Iguazu Falls"

My name is Bashayer
I will talk today about
My trip when I visited
In the past summer vacation
Lonodn is a comntry for
alot of people come
from different conntries
I arrived to heathrow airpont end it was
amazing Then I rided badung ton mefro to
my hotel.
Next day I went to arab stneef which is famons street in london
and some people can it (small berut) then ane a lot of akap it
people in this street
AlsoI ,
bridge is an tower bridge is an ahim
atedsu spension bridge
linking the two banks .
of the river thames
Then I went to tower of lonodn tower of lonodn is a castle located in the heart .of historic lonodn england today thy tower of lonodn is one of the most touri st attra .ctions
Thank you for attention.

lonely planet
done by
Albandri Abdurrahman Alharbi
Bashayer Saad Alqahtani
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