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The Endocrine System

No description

Jonathan Cash

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of The Endocrine System

Working in pairs design and produce a Prezi to include the following:

A diagram showing an overview of the Endocrine system
An overview of each gland, the hormone it produces and its function
Finally you will select one endocrine gland and explain any malfunctions that may be associated with it. What are the consequences of those malfunctions?

This task covers Assignment 3, Task 2.2

System of ductless glands that secrete hormones
Hormones are “messenger molecules”
Circulate in the blood
Act on distant target cells
Target cells respond to the hormones for which they have receptors
The effects are dependent on the programmed response of the target cells
Hormones are just molecular triggers
Basic categories of hormones
Amino acid based: modified amino acids (or amines), peptides (short chains of amino acids), and proteins (long chains of amino acids)
Steroids: lipid molecules derived from cholesterol

Endocrine System Facts!!

By the end of this session you should be able to:

Learners will register with and begin creating a new Prezi, but will complete this as part of assignment
Learners will create a table to summarize the role of each endocrine gland

Intended Learning Outcomes

L3 Applied Science

Homeostasis and the Endocrine system

(a) Humoral: in response to changing levels of ions or nutrients in the blood
(b) Neural: stimulation by nerves
(c) Hormonal: stimulation received from other hormones

Mechanisms of hormone release

The Endocrine System

Purely endocrine organs
Pituitary gland
Pineal gland
Thyroid gland
Parathyroid glands
Adrenal: 2 glands

Endocrine cells in other organs

Endocrine Organs
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