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The Future is near ...By Tochi Nwosu 8.6

Press the mute button on the slideshow when there is a video please :)

Tochi Nwosu

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of The Future is near ...By Tochi Nwosu 8.6

The Future is near ... By Tochi Nwosu 8.6 Do you ever wonder what the Future holds? The Future Amazing What do you think about the Future? Exciting Extraordinary Plan your props Amazing right? The Future Great Exceptional Fantastic Brilliant Wonderful Good Amazing Summary This is what people think the Future will look like. 'One danger of this approach is that new technologies sometimes come along that completely change the way we do things. In 1960 hardly anyone had used a computer. Nowadays just about all of us have at least one and use it regularly. I doubt if anyone anticipated the rise of computers 50 years ago.

That's why I think you are wrong about robots. The robots are coming. In fact they are here, and are superior to humans in all respects except for their mental ability. Already they lift, manipulate, fly, roll, walk and many other things. Technologists are working on developing genuine artificial brains. They can already simulate tiny portions of a brain. In the next decade or two we will see the first robots that can think like humans. A couple of decades after that and their mental powers will far exceed anything than anyone has today.

Robots will enter the home as servants, cleaners, cooks, supervisors and teachers. They will enter industry as workers. They will enter other fields, some that haven't been invented yet, in capacities that we can't even think of yet.

There will be no need for cars, flying or otherwise. Video conferencing will be supplemented by extensive use of virtual reality. You will no longer have to move yourself from point a to point b. Point b will come virtually to you, along with everyone already at point b.'
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100205205549AAXyNOl What do people think the Future will be like? Future Agenda is a unique resource that collects information about the great challenges of the next decade. It tells you the important issues, identifies and debates solutions and suggests the best ways forward. Touchscreen without touching Finger Air View - enables you to hover with your fingers to preview the content of an email, S Planner, image gallery or video without having to open it. The Samsung Galaxy s4 will be the first Phone to do this. Capacitive touch, enables more than one finger at once to be recognised. It allows you to pinch, zoom and twist using multiple fingers.

The year 2014 could the year when touchscreens are launched which react in three dimensions, not requiring touch to recognise what action the device should take.

A prototype of a new touch screen has beenformed which would allow apps and devices to be controlled using 3D gestures. You can plug into your computer consisting of cameras and led lights , a small usb which recognises, to an unbelievable degree of precision, your hand movements.

This device could change the way we interact with video games in the future. Touchscreen ‘that reacts even without touching’ Wonderful Fantastic Brain control headset for gamers Gamers will soon be able to interact with the virtual world using their thoughts and emotions alone.

The interaction of neurons in the brain which are interpreted by a neuro-headset will go on sale later this year.

"It picks up electrical activity from the brain and sends wireless signals to a computer," said Tan Le, president of US/Australian firm Emotiv.
"It allows the user to manipulate a game or virtual environment naturally and intuitively," she added The headset will cost $299 Brain control headset for gamers Perfect for gamers Socialmatic Camera Going from Concept to Reality Socialmatic™ is a brand new instant camera to allow you to fill the gap between virtual and real world.
Based on Android as main OS, Socialmatic™ represents a revolution in the social digital photography. Perfect for Instragram Lovers PaperTab Thin and Flexible Tablet: Paper 2.0 In the future, we will not have problems with carrying full-sized tablets in our pockets because they’ll be as portable as plain old paper, as shown in this prototype technology called PaperTab. It was developed by Intel, Plastic Logic and Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab. Waterproof and solar-powered iPhone case "AQUA TEK S" This AQUA TEK S case created for iPhone 4 and 4S offers ruggedized safety, but features a solar power, integrated battery, and it is water-proof up to twenty ft. Targeted at outdoorsy types , the case includes a water-proof and also dust proof poly-carbonate ruggedized case , this contains its integrated battery to increase the life of the the iPhone. Built in the trunk of the case is solar power so it can charge through the power of the sunlight. This encased iPhone can be charged up again and also synched through starting the thumbs mess at the bottom of the case. Eventhough it adds mass to the iphone, it enables complete entry to this phone’s touch screen, digital camera, volume keys and also audio speakers. Snow Lizard Products may make the AQUA TEK S obtainable in up to 9 beautiful colours. iPhone Concept Features The Future is near and it is going to be wonderful. There are so many new inventions, gadgets, technology and electronics to be made. by Tochi Nwosu 8.6 The Future J-man- How I want ya.ft Lara Wilson
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