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Cornell Notes

No description

Kelly Ginley

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Cornell Notes

How can students learn (remember & understand skills & content) better AND faster?
Kelly Ginley
1949 Cornell University by Walter Pauk
Frustrated with test scores
Meant as study guide
Adopted by most major law schools
Cornell Process and Study

Why do the Cornell Process?
Cornell Process = Distributed vs. Mass Practice
Not , but time
Retention & Comprehension
= Test & Quiz scores
Where does this come from?
How do you do it?
The Cornell process allows us to learn not just better, but faster. It was developed to help students remember and understand lectures better @ Cornell University and spread to law schools . The research behind it shows that it combats Ebbinghaus' Curve of Forgetting through Distributed Practice. The specific process involves returning to your notes and doing specific things 10 minutes, 24 hours, and 7 days after initially taking your notes.
highlight ideas
circle vocab
add info
Take Notes
Essential Question
10 mins after
24 hours later
level ?'s
Answers to ?'s
7 days later
Cover up notes
Quiz from ?'s
Check summaries
(5 mins)
(15 mins)
(5 mins)
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