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My dreams

ASPnet School Exchange Seminar in Kesennuma

PARK Sunghyun

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of My dreams

in the middle of a Momentous Change and maybe you are too.
ASPnet School Exchange Seminar in Kesennuma Wednesday 18 January 2012
My Dreams
PARK, Sunghyun
Elementary School Teacher

Before the tsunami,
I walked here a year before.
Environmental Education
to ESD activities.
we find a similar geographical feature.
A part of Changwon was
reclaimed land of the sea.
In 1975, Gapo Beach was closed.
It’s not easy to clean up an ocean
that is already polluted.
Our ancestors who lived here
relied on the ocean for their livelihood.
Changwon was damaged by natural disaster.
Let’s do it together.

17 Jan 2010
Be strong and courageous everyone!
It means that people live there with a similar culture.
It had become a port city for trade by very fast industrializing for 230 years.
It was one of the biggest ports in KOREA, which produced lots of sea food, in the 1760's
These factors caused pollution and destruction of the environment.
In 1979, fishing was banned by law due to water pollution.
Clean up the ocean and its envrionment
Grandsons no longer learned their grandfather's trade.
Local traditions and cultures were becoming extinct.
What shoud
we do
about it?
They expand their topics gradually from individual problems to social problems.
'The woods are the boyfriend of the sea'
It connects
my grandfather to my father
and my father to me.
can reverse nature
and its ways.
We need wisdom of life
not to dominate nature
but to follow the laws of nature.
There is one way
to solve the problem.
Reviving community and local traditions by lasting local traditions and cultures,
It will guide our lives
in a favorable manner.
That's a true
reason why we
should do
ESD practices.
Look back on our lives through ESD practies.
How's my life where live near the seaside?
How were my father and grandfather's lives?
How will my son's lives be?
How will my student's lives be?
I'm in the middle of a
momentous change.
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