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Kim Jassal

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, on the northwest coast of India on October 02,1869. He was the youngest of four children. His father, Karamchand Gandhi was the leader of the state of Porbandar and his mother Putlibai was a religious follower of the Hindu religion. His family was wealthy and belonged to the Vaishya caste. This is one of the lower social group in the India society. Mohandas Gandhi was very gentle as a child that he will put bandages on bruised fruits on trees. He was also stubborn from a young age and decided that one day he will change India and the world . He was a good student in school but his arranged marriage at the age of thirteen affected his studies. He did not take education seriously until the age of sixteen when he lost his father and his first born child when he was only a few days old. He went to London, England at the age of eighteen to study. He remained there for three years returning to India as a qualified law year. He could not get a job, so he had no choice but to accept a job offer in South Africa at the age of 23. He faced racism from the White people and was thrown out of a first class carriage. He promised that he will fight for the rights of the Indians after the incident. He stayed in South Africa for twenty years with his family. A true leader is born not created. This is the life of the small built
man who made historical change in India. Mahatma (Great soul) is a name he was given because of his good deeds. He believe in accomplishments through non-violent acts. By the age of 21, he led the `salt march' for 200 miles. The goal of this is for India should make their own salt instead of buying from the British. He fasted for 21 days to protest against the War of the Hindu and Muslim. However, his greatest accomplishment is fighting for the Independence of India. He achieved his goal on August 15, 1947 It is difficulties and challenges including his non-violent protest.
Also, although the Muslim and Hindu community were separated by his struggles. Both religions did not feel satisfied with the outcome. His, fighting for Independence led to Gandhi having many enemies and he as killed a few days after the election. Gandhi`s Father(Karamchand Gandhi) Gandhi`s Mother (Putlibai Gandhi) Gandhi is well known for his non-violent protest. He is a small built man who worked hard for Indian Civil Rights. In south Africa, he fought against racism. Later in India he lead the Indian against the British, so India could gain Independence. His methods at any protests include having the people strike such as sitting in the streets. Gandhi`s role model and inspiration were his parents. His father, Karamchand was a leader and taught him to be caring but strong. His mother taught him of the importance of prying. Gandhi used the religious texts to motivate his life. Gandhi`s life made him a role mode for other leaders who admired his non-violent protest. This includes Obama and Martin Lither King Jr. Gandhi is a true leader in the world Mahatma Gandhi is the father of Indian Civilization. He came from a family of leaders including his father, who was the Prime Minister of the Indian State he lived in . Gandhi was a professional lawyer who believe that someone has to stand up for the people of India. He went to study in the United Kingdom at the age of eighteen and his return to India after this made his belief in helping his people more seriously Gandhi ended the war between India and Pakistan by dividing Indians state. There were many people who did not agree with his goal, including the British Empire who wanted to keep India under its rule. Gandhi is most recognized for helping India gain Independence for British in non-violent way. Gandhi came from a wealthy family who could afford servants but he let his wife do the house work to show his support for the poor class. He was assassinated a few days after India gained Independence. This was on January 30, 1948 and he was 78 years old. His legend still lives on. Gandhi is a small man but he was very determined. He did not want to be a leader of his community but a leader of India and the world. Although Gandhi is will known for his accomplishments not much is known about his siblings If i could meet Gandhi today, I will ask him what changes will he make in the world toady? I will also ask him if he will ever forgive the person who
assassinated the Gandhi Family. Gandhi has proven himself to be a true leader in
his life time. He is certainly a man worthy to be
called a true leader. Thank You For Watching
My Presentation On
Mahatma Gandhi
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