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Zoe Lopez

No description

Zoelenie Lopez

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Zoe Lopez

Zoe Lopez
Favorite Foods
Carne Asada
My Family
I have 1 brother who is like my best brother even though I have only him.

I have 2 sisters. 1 younger sister who is bratty and spoiled. And another one who is older and really competitive and is a bragger.

Of Course I have a mom and dad. My dad is funny but good at making juice. My mom is a protective mom and is a really good cook.
Even though my family might be odd when you get to meet them but their the perfect family for me.
Soccer is the #1 thing I do for fun
because it get's your focus while
doing something energetic.
Then I would play the clarinet because this is
the instrument I play.
I love to sing because it's just
a fun thing to do.
Video Games is another thing I like
to do espescially Call of Duty.
Places I visited
Guatemala is my home country
and I love being there.
I always visit Soiux Falls, South DaKota
because it's my birth town.
I visit Omaha, Nebraska once in a while for special ocasions.
School Time
My favorite class is math because i`m good at it and I am in advanced math class.
I am in band and I play the clarinet and I am
really good at it and anytime that I am free it is a great time to play.
My Homeroom teacher is Mrs.Miller and I think she is a great teacher.
Sport Teams
My Favorite Soccer Team
My Favorite soccer player is Messi himself.
The FIFA WORLD CUP is a soccergame that competes with every soccer team (that is professional).
Selena Gomez
Cher Loyd
Nick Jonas
Demi Lovato
Bruno Mars
Taylor Swift
Shawn Mendez
Ariana Grande
Nicki Manja
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