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The Book Thief

No description

Madeline Dinsdale

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief

The Book Thief By Markus Zusak Summary Themes Love Suffering Mortality Part 7 Part 3 Part 5 Part 1 Liesel Meminger Hans Hubermann Rudy Steiner Characters Liesel serves as the main character in the novel and the author of the fictional story. Liesel's life and experiences is depicted in the novel as the main plot and story line. Liesel is living in nazi Germany with a brand new foster family after being abandoned by her mother and witnessing the death of her younger brother. Liesel moves through the novel growing with every new experience. She faces a wide variety of lessons from reading, stealing, secret keeping and loving. The perfect Nazi physically
Completely anti-Nazi mentally
Respect for Jesse Owens
Unafraid of difference Part one is crucial in the novel as we learn many important facts in the very beginning of the novel. This is where we learn that death is narrorating the novel and we are given insight as to who Liesel Meminger is. We are given information that serves as the structure of the novel later on. In the novel there is a substantial amount of foreshadowing and the author uses this as a vessel to provide us with just enough information so we can move through the novel with a clear understanding of its events. This section starts off with Rudy proving his love for Liesel by jumping into a freezing river to retrieve her favorite book (she still refuses to kiss him). Liesel's mom gets fired by her last clients, the mayor and his wife, Ilsa. This makes Liesel very angry and she blows up on Ilsa and tells her she needs to quite moping around and get over the death of her son already. Max starts painting over the pages on Mien Kampf and sketching stories about his experiences. He dreams about beating Hitler in a boxing match, and starts to work out. Rudy gets into trouble at the Hitler Youth meetings and proves his nerve by defying his leader, he is eventually transferred to the aviation division. Molching (A town near Himmel street) prepares for air raids.
Rudy trains for the Hitler youth. He wins gold metals from races and leaves them with Lisel
Lisel stole another book from the mayors house called A Song In The Dark. The mayors wife eventually tells Lisel in a letter that she knew about her stealing books all along
Hans bought a radio to hear when the bombs were coming
There was a bomb raid one night and they all went to a neighbors shelter. Max stayed in their basement and survived.
Max said he looked outside for the first time in years while the raid was going on and he said the stars hurt his eyes.
A neighbor that Rosa is not fond of wants Lisel to read her a book called The Whistler but she agrees anyway.
Lisel and Rudy played soccer while a parade of Jews was taking place. Hans gave a Jewish man a piece of bread and got whipped for it. Hans worried that they would come to his house and find Max.
Max left the town leaving Lisel the book he made her. He only wanted her to read it when she was ready. Hans and Max were supposed to meet in four days but Hans found a note saying "You've done enough"
Hans felt bad about giving bread to the Jew because it put everyone at risk. Men in black coats were on Himmel street and Hans thought they were coming for him but they wanted Rudy. Suffering is a continual theme throughout the entire
novel. (Hunger, physical and mental abuse, terror of the war)
Individuals suffering from guilt.
Families losing loved ones that fought in the war or lost friends/family that were a victim of the Holocaust.
The book does not go into detail about the concentration camps or the brutality of the war but death does say how many lives he takes during the war. •Death is the narrator so he has a different perspective

•Almost everyone dies in the book, including the good guys

•Each character is affected by the grief that mortality brings

•Final quote “I am haunted by humans” Part 2 Part 4 Part 6 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Max Vandenburg Death Identity Courage Max was a young Jewish man who used to be a fighter
Max's father was a friend of Hans Huberman and they fought in the war together.
Max eventually got connected with Hans during the war when Max left his family to hide.
Max got very connected with Lisel and the whole Huberman family. . Death is a metaphysical being that narrates the novel. He is a surprisingly human as a character, and can even be considered the most loving and relatable in the entire book. Death's duty is to carry away the souls of the recently departed. He tries to focus on colors as a way of distracting itself from the survivors of those who have died. Death explains that he is simply an overworked guy that needs a vacation. Liesel's story is one of a handful of survivors' tales that Death remembers. He pays special attention to interesting people stories in pursuit of the meaning of life, a very human pass time. Rudy and Liesel “steal" cookies from Ilsa
Tension builds between Reinhold Zucker and Hans
Michael Holtzapfel comes home with not so pleasant news
Liesel returns the cookie plate and sees her brother again
The accident that sends Hans home (piece 17)
Rudy’s anger grows and he plans to really steal like the army did with his father
Frau Holtzapfel refuses to come down during an air raid
Rudy and Liesel find the downed plane (piece 18)
Hans comes home In a time where death is imminent, courageousness is rare. We are told the story of courageous men and women that belong to the Hubermann household. Each member of this family, original or not, displays an incredible example as they face adversity in Germany. Liesel Meminger steals books that could cost her entire family a visit by the Gestapo, Hans Hubermann willingly defies the "unstoppable" Nazi regime by hiding a Jew inside his basement, Max Vandenburg made the heart-throbbing journey to the Hubermann's household which could have blown his cover, and Rosa permeates the Nazi environment with her fearless will to disobey. As they grow together during the story, their courage grows even stronger. Eventually, courage is just a natural attribute for them. Their courageousness doesn't end for nothing, they effectively set the tone for what it means to stand up for one's self. Hans Hubermann is Liesel Meminger's foster father and her greatest role model. Hans is married to Rosa Hubermann, a woman full of anger and without much tolerance. He is "barely visible" to the world and is fairly unnoticeable. However, his average appeal mismatches his true personality as a man who's humble, courageous, and inspiring. His quietness to the world allowed him to sneak a Jew into his basement to hide during the Holocaust. His determination to resist the Nazi party proves that Hans is rich with character and would stop at nothing to save both Liesel and Max Vandenburg (the Jew) from any danger. Hans' heroic attitude is seen through his patience with Liesel's education and Max's needed security. Hans serves as the positive role model for both Liesel and Rudy, her friend. Like an independent among Nazis, he is a light among darkness. After stealing "The Shoulder Shrug", another book that Liesel abducts, she receives a scolding from Hans and is thought of as a potential thief. Hans forces Liesel to promise that she never disrespects Hitler in public and that she never steals again, a promise that was worth biting her tongue. Unfortunately, someone had seen her steal the book, and paranoia eats her away until she discovers that it was the mayor of the town's wife. Liesel is brought inside the woman's mansion and is allowed into the enormous library. (5)
Focus is taken off Liesel and is set upon Max Vandenburg, the Jew, and how he is hiding in a small dark room. Max is lonely and is awaiting a package. We then travel back to Molching and see Liesel apologize to the Mayor's wife for stealing. One day, Rudy and Liesel see Fritz Hammer eating an apple. They discover from him that he is a part of a thieving clan of teens that work together to steal food from farmers. Both Liesel and Rudy join the group and earn themselves a sack of apples by completing a mission of apple thievery. (6) Max then makes his journey to the Hubermann's while anticipating every step.
Liesel and Rudy continue to steal fruit but this time, they almost get caught. However, they still receive chestnuts as their reward and trade them for money to buy candy which they get from the cranky candy lady. Finalizing part three, we see Max Vandenburg tremble in his self-consciousness, aware that he is relying wholly on the good will of the Hubermann's promise. His hope was decreasing with every breath he took, and it didn't help that he carried the burden of feeling selfish. (7) In part two we begin to understand the meaning behind why death refers to Liesel as The Book Thief. We are shown the growth between the relationship of Hans and Liesel and the relationship between Rosa and Liesel. She truly does love her new family and is settling into life on Himmel street. Liesel begins to learn how to read and is finding new meaning in everything she learns. Liesel is finally beginning to understand Hitlers roe in the dissaperance of her family and forms her own opinions on what is happening around her. Going against Hans' gentle dimeanor with Liesel, he forces her to salute Hitler in public to keep her safe. In Nazi Germany, your identity was a big deal considering that it meant whether you lived or died. Constantly facing extreme abuse at the hands of your peers will wear down the strongest of people and the jewish community had the added pressure of execution and horrible treatment and living conditions. All under the power of one man, one wrong move could determine you fate and everyone else's around you. The major characters in the novel who do not identify with the jewish community refuse to identify with the Nazi party and they as well as any other jewish person living in Nazi Germany would lead a life of anxiety, terror and secrets. Many people lived their lives in hiding and it shaped and molded people into a way that could not be undone. Part 4 starts out with Max meeting Hans for the first time. Death describes how the Hans and Max's father became friends, initializing Hans' promise to the Vandenburg family to take care of Max. Liesel steps into the kitchen and sees Max, and is told to go back to bed. Max's history as a fist-fighter is then discussed and how he built his character. Afterward, Liesel stays home from school as she is instructed to never talk about Max to anyone, or else they will be taken away by the Nazis. Liesel's interest in Max grows stronger day by day. Eventually, they form a bond that is strengthened by their similar routinely nightmares. (8) Max makes Liesel a homemade book for her birthday, and this means the world to her. The Book Thief focuses on characters who are learning to love in the face of great hatred. There is also romantic love in the novel. Of course, it's an innocent childlike romance that tragedy cuts short. The novel is set in a Nazi Germany, where giving another person something as seemingly small as a crust of stale bread or even a smile could be seen as act of immense kindness. These acts almost always involve penalty, and send the author's message that no good deed goes unpunished. To love in such a harsh world is both a necessity and a triumph for the characters of The Book Thief. WWII raging, antisemitism
Max gets sick
Liesel brings him "gifts"/ reads to him
Liesel & Rudy steal another book from the mayor
Max wakes up
First major bombing in Germany
Nazi's search basement
Gas chambers open Michael Holtzapefel commits suicide
Allies are bombing Germany hard in July
Liesel sees Max and walks with him, she’s whipped and then dragged off by Rudy
Liesel confesses to Rudy everything about Max the Jew
Ilsa gives Liesel the book
Himmel Street is bombed
Death takes The Book Thief
Liesel dies after living a full life
Death learns more about after the bombing
Death talks with Liesel The Nazis came for Rudy and wanted him to be apart of Hitlers army. He refused and his father took his place.
Hans felt so bad about giving the Jewish man bread that he sent into the German army along with Rudy's father
Lisel and Rudy were very crushed by their fathers leaving.
Hans got a job in the army as the "the cleaning up guy" and Rudys father got a job for mending clothes. Lisel went to a "parade" of Jewish people and she was trying to look for Max but didn't find him and she got kicked by a Nazi for being around the Jews.
Rosa gave Lisel the book Max wrote. She believed Lisel was ready for it.
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