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Advantages and Disadvantages of going to Antarctica

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Asher Richards

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of going to Antarctica

Advantages and Disadvantages of going to Antarctica
To get a better knowledge of Antarctica and to get more experience of the continent. Also you can see all the land marks and natural occurences that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. you can even see animals that you can’t see anywhere else like Penguins, elephant seals, walruses and weddel seals. Another good thing about it is to get a better understanding about all the animals and what they do.
Disadvantages of going to Antarctica for a holiday
Increased pollution by rubbish being dropped evrywhere and a large use of electronics, damaging the environment and ruining habbitats for other animals so they can’t find a place to live. You could also get frostbite and you might need parts of your body amputated. The ice underneath you could break and you could drown or get eaten by a killer whale.
Advantages for going to Antarctica for work
If you are a successful applicant, you will be flown down to the Ice at no expense to you. You will be issued appropriate ECW gear to keep you warm and safe on the coldest, windiest continent in the world. All the while you will be paid for your time and effort.
When not on duty, you will be allowed to hike, cross-country ski, and in general enjoy stark, pristine, other-worldly landscapes. Hikes and arranged shuttle trips will allow you to visit historic huts built and used by Antarctic explorers of over a century ago. You will see where the likes of Scott, Shackleton, and others slept and worked.
Disadvantages of going to Antarctica for work
In Antarctica you are expected to work as needed. Whatever shifts you pull, your work hours will be long. Working 6 or 7 days a week, and 10 - 12 hours per shift and sometimes even 24 hours at a stretch is not uncommon. Wages are no higher than similar jobs command elsewhere, even with the much longer hours, quitting and leaving is not likely to be an option. The nearest commercial airport is thousands of miles and an ocean away. Even when you're manifested on a flight, weather can ground all planes for more than a week, life in Antarctica is much less diverting than you might expect. Hundreds of workers arrive late August on the "winfly" or winter flight, and stay up to 7 months before the end of the season. That's a long time to spend in one place with few new faces.

As mentioned above, rooms are dormitory-style, so privacy is limited. You will be living in a room with anywhere from one to ten or more room-mates, with showers and bathrooms shared by an entire floor, unless your work requires it, you will see little if anything beyond the base.
If lucky, you may see a leopard seal, emperor penguin or orca, but those are fairly rare. The only vegetation you will see outside the galley is restricted to the greenhouse.
How to travel to Antarctica for a holiday
Antarctic cruises are expensive, with most over $5000 per person. Or if you have inside contacts you can travel with the work force via a C-130 Hercules. You would stay in Scott Base in a bunk with others.
Advantages of going for a holiday
By Asher
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