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Art Teacher

No description

Yuka Oiwa

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Art Teacher

Art Teacher
How People Usually See Art Teachers
What One Needs to Become an Art Teacher
(In a Public School)
Bachelor's degree
Basic skills test
Supervised student teaching course
Concentration proficiency test

What One Needs to Become an Art Instructor
(In an Art Studio)
How about the details..?
So...What is an Art Teacher?
Oooh. And?...
Art Center College of Design it's difficult to earn higher than $60,000
Keeping that in mind the Art Center is one of the best colleges, the annual salary of a studio instructor is $54,000..which is still pretty good
Flexible schedule-Less work hours than other jobs.
Yuka Oiwa
Not "intelligent"
Somewhat "out" of it
Life goals are to help students "express" themselves and their important "feelings" and "emotions"
"Worship" art
Art Teacher in
Ghost World
Fundamental and basic skills of drawing and painting technique
How to create visual arts using different type of mediums
History and different cultures related to art
Different styles and trends over the centuries
Median wage : $72,630
Many vacation days
Easier to find a temporary replacement than other occupations

Only have 8-9 months to teach all the necessary materials
Teaching a whole class
Pay depends on how many students, and how many days
Doesn't need to have the credentials to get hired at a studio, (just skill)
But the better the college, the better the pay and more classes available for teaching
Experience as an intern in an art studio in the past.
“Art Expert: The Problem With School Art Programs Are Teachers Who "Can Barely Draw"" The Answer Sheet -. The Washington Post. Web. 17 May 2014.
Cohen-Evron. "Why Do Good Art Teachers Find It Hard to Stay in the Public School System?" Studies in Art Education 44.1 (2002): 79-94. JSTOR. National Art Education Association. Print. 03 May 2014.
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"The Art of Teaching Art.”: Teaching the Visual Arts Issue: Sarah Lawrence College Magazine. N.p., n.d. Print. 04 May 2014.

Just Some of My Works
Beginner Oil Painting
Duplicates and Portraits...Which I Just Started...
I Really Like Water Color
Joan of Arc-Plaster Cast Sketch
Just Bare With Me. Some Of These are from Quite a While Ago
If you grasp the basic skills, you can paint anything...maybe not, EVERYTHING..but most things
Water Color
Water Color Duplicates
Teach Core basics for drawing, painting, and basic art history to students
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