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Breaking News

No description

Direct English

on 13 December 2018

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Transcript of Breaking News

Breaking News
- Talk about breaking news
- Share some news they currently have
- Talk about the craziest news they have heard

Expo time
Go to the front and share the most shocking news you have received in your whole life
Interview Question
Stand up and start practicing. Keep in mind you have to switch partners. You must answer each question twice with different classmates.
Role Play
Get your exposition ready and then go to the front.
Work in pairs and give your best answer in the questions
Practice the role play then go to the front and act it out
Let´s go ahead and clsoe the class the best way possible
Cloding the class
Let´s refresh our knowledge and prctice the learning from this class
Grammar Check
Warm up
Work in pairs on the following questions and then share you answer with the class
Do you watch the news? why?

Talk about some current news that you have heard.

What kind of news do your parents usually watch?

After this Lesson students will be able to:
Give one example how to use each word
Learn some new vocabulary for this topic
Home News:

World news:


Weather forecast:


Trend stories:

Hard news:

Soft news:



Timely manner:
Be confident and give your very best!!
Tell me about the best news you have ever recieved

Share a good memory you have from elementary school
You are going to be journalists and will be giving the news to the class, Both will work together and both will be talking to the public about the news you have for them.
Together you have to talk for 2 minutes
Explain how and when to use WETHER and give an example

Give your partner some new words you´ve learned
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