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business plan for urban farm project under

Timothy Rowe

on 14 April 2011

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Business Management Project... Social & economic development of Camden, NJ
through urban agriculture Business Plan Focus...
Urban Farming

Camden, NJ Inspiration... Business Oppurtunity


Desperate Need "To establish a prolific environment for social & economic growth in afflicted communities." Success Factors Goals & Objectives Key Issues Spotted Trends Top emerging garden trends for 2011:

Edible Ornamentals
Indoor Gardening
Urban Farming According to a recent survey by the Garden Writers Association, about 16 percent more American households planned to add a veggie garden and an additional 12 percent planned on adding an herb garden. According to the Slow Food Movement, farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are up a whopping 60 percent.
#3. Green consultant
Green consultants usually concentrate on helping either consumers or businesses become more environmentally friendly. Industry-wide revenues currently top $18 billion. 10 Hot Businesses to Start in 2011 ("business on main, msn")
promote nutrition - healthy, accessible, affordable food

encourage exercise - create parks

support local business - distribution & wholesale

decrease unemployment rate - job creation

reduce crime - beautification

promote community investment - partnerships & awareness SHORT TERM:
NUTRITION Physical: more food (quantity & quality) local presence/accessability

Physcological: health, fitness, saftey

Emotional: prestige, happiness

Social: power, ownership, responsibility, friendship, community

Intelectual: education achievement, artistry

Economic: revenue, cost saving, employment (17% unemployment rate) Rutgers University Camden (Full-time enrollment: 4,132)
Unemployed work force
Experienced work force Product & Service Organic pesticide free fruits - vegatables - herbs
Eggs - Honey - Fish - Worms
Plants - compost - planting material
apparel - other merchandise

technical support & workshops
Yard waste recycling (collected from landscapers) Market Summery CONSUMOR MARKET
Camden Residents ("potential buying power equivilant to mid-class & afluent neighborhoods")

Surounding neighborhoods & community

Local corner stores and restaurants

Surrounding restaurants and farmers markets

Landscapers in camden county

Schools "GROWE"
Urban Farm - Nursery - Recycle Center LONG TERM:
economic development Market Needs "Unmet demand = entrepreneurial oppurtunity"

Ripe market

Developing trend

Urban farming methods & technology

Abundant resources

Financial support Personnel Finances Real Estate Promotion
& Support "Government support for healthy food retailers in food deserts"
The Urban Enterprise Zone Program (UEZ) Zone Incentives For Businesses

100 % sales tax exemptions for materials and tangible personal property (rugs, building materials, computers etc.

Qualified retail businesses may charge 50% of the mandated 6% NJ sales tax on certain in person purchases. (50% off regular sales tax rate to your customers on taxable items)

A one-time corporation tax credit of $1500 for each full-time permanent employee who is a resident of a municipality in which a zone is located and has been unemployed for at least 90 days or dependent upon public assistance.

Subsidized unemployment insurance costs for certain new employees with gross salaries less than $4,500.00 per quarter as per Department Labor schedule First designated in 1984 Since its inception over 150 businesses have registered in the Camden Urban Enterprise Zone Program, creating 339 jobs and enabling businesses to invest over $584,504.00 dollars in their businesses. Enacted by the New Jersey State Legislature in 1983 to revitalize the State's most distressed urban communities through the creation of private sector jobs and public and private investment in targeted areas within these communities. Division of City Properties: The primary function of this office is to sell properties and land owned by the City. (59 lots currently for sale) ABOUT ME PLAN... MAJOR... FUTURE... General Contractor
(urban real estate development) Most dangerous city: 2004, 2005, 2009

2009 Highest crime rate in the U.S.
(2,333 violent crimes per 100,000 people)
National average: 455

1/3 population below poverty line

17% unemployment rate is over 2x NJ average My House "Un-met demand = entrepreneurial oppurtunity" Food Behaviors: The majority of Camden children do not meet recommendations for vegetable consumption. They also frequently consume energy-dense foods such as fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages, and sweet and salty snacks. Physical Activity Behaviors: Most children do not meet the guidelines for being physically active each day.

In addition, a large proportion spend more than two hours a day watching television, using the computer and playing video games.

The majority of children do not walk or bike to school and many do not use the sidewalks, parks and exercise facilities available in their neighborhoods. Physical Activity Environment: Although many neighborhoods have sidewalks and some have parks and exercise facilities, a large number of parents report that their children do not use these facilities to be active. Crime level, pleasantness of neighborhoods and parks, and condition of sidewalks are the most commonly reported barriers. Ripe market Developing Trend Urban farming methods & technology Abundant Resources "GROWE" Grow landscape business
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