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Travel Team

No description

Mazzi Hanson

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Travel Team

BY: MIKE LUPICA VOCABULARY Page: 200, 4th paragraph: LOGISTICS- A plan.
Page: 200,5th paragraph: POTENTIAL- The quality to do something
Page:205, 7th paragraph: GLOOMILY-Sad feeling, down
Page: 207,last paragraph: SCRIMMAGE- A practice game
Page: 208, 4th paragraph: EVACUATING- Leaving, exiting PLOT Danny did not make the travel team
this year. Danny's dad came over and played
basketball with him as well as
talked to him. Danny and Teddy were fighting
in the restaurant. Ty ross practiced with them Theme The theme is to set goals never give up keep going/keep trying Characters Danny walker-Happy ,small ,confident ,determined ,responsible ,dependable ,and aware Richie walker- coach, dad, athletic, hurt, and strategic Tess- joyful, helpful, kind, cheerful,
calm, respectful, and easy going Ali Walker- protective, serious, lively, honest, and encouraging Author's purpose Author's purpose is to inspire kids to never give up. MOOD- It made me feel like I was watching him play and get in the fight. Presented by: Mazzi Hanson
Malik Adams, and Jack Anderson About the Author Mike Lupica, is the author of many novels for sports fans, including Red Zone, Bump and Run, and Wild Pitch. His columns for the New York Daily News are syndicated nationally, and he is a regular on ESPN's The Sports reporters.
Partial to little guys, Mr. Lupica enjoys coaching youth basketball. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and four kids.
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