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Symbolism in Brave New World

No description

Virginia Farley

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Symbolism in Brave New World

in Summary In the future
Everyone is born in a hatchery
People are conditioned to do different tasks and jobs
People are placed into different castes
Bernard Marx
Lenina Crowne
Travel to Savage Reservation in New Mexico
While there, they meet John the savage
Bring John back to London
He doesn't like the civilized world
John wants freedom, so out of grief and unhappiness he kills himself Symbolism in Soma What is Soma?
Narcotic that people would take to make them feel better or to get high to prevent feeling strong emotions. Symbolism:
In this book soma symbolizes artificial happiness and also symbolizes the illusion of contentment the government in the book uses to control the people and make them believe everything is great there. Symbolism in Shakespeare Where does Shakespeare appear in the book?
John the savage brought with him from the reservation the book The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and he would often say quotes from this book even though it is not allowed to be read because it is an old piece of literature. Symbolism:
Shakespeare in this book represents all of the art and literature that was destroyed by the World State in their efforts to maintain stability in their new world they had created. Symbolism in Henry Ford and the Model-T Where was this in the book?
When the World State took over they changed all of the dates so that their time period would start when Henry Ford invented the Model-T. A Model-T was basically the first affordable automobile that was made and it was made using an assembly line. In Brave New World they don't have a god they have Henry Ford and they worship him like a god by saying oh Ford and naming important things after him or after the Model-T. Symbolism:
The fact that they started their time period after the invention of the Model-T and their religion after Henry Ford symbolizes the people applied his assembly line method of making cars to people by having them all made them same in a hatchery. It is like the World State is an assembly line, pumping out people who are fit for only one caste and job. By: Virginia Farley
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