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The Odyssey

A Visual Summary of the Epic Poem

Julie Cook

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer The condition of Odysseus
manor in Ithaca- Book I Suitors looting the house, shooting dice
Suitors plundering his flocks Suitors drinking his wine stores Telemachus is powerless. Penelope toys with suitors She plays tricks on them, like weaving and unweaving her father-in-law's funeral shroud. p.22 lines 100-118 She doesn't send them away. Athena Visits Telemachus
Books I- IV She disguises herself
as a family friend, Mentes. She encourages him
by telling him he looks like Odysseus. She advises him to
speak boldly to the suitors. She provides him
a ship and
a crew
to find news of his father. Odysseus' Men Encounter
The Lotos Eaters Book IX Non-violent people Offered the honeyed plant,
the Lotos, to Odysseus' men, and caused them to lose
their hope for home. Odysseus meets the
Cyclops(Kyklopes), Polyphemus Polyphemus had no regard for the gods. Polyphemus snacked on some of the men. Odysseus told Polyphemus his name was Nohbdy. Odysseus prepares a spear and pokes out Polyphemus's eye. Telemachus becomes a man. Odysseus does not succumb
to the opiate of the flower,
and saves his men from it. The Cyclops do not come
to the aid of Polyphemus
because he says that Nohbdy has hurt him. Odysseus and his men
escape the cave under goat skins
on the goats' backs. Odysseus acts impulsively
by staying in the cave
Odysseus uses his wit to get
out of the scrape, but not before losing men. Odysseus and the
bag of wind Aiolos, king of the wind,
gives Odysseus a bag of wind as a gift. His men succumbed to temptation,
and let loose a hurricane. He was blown back to shore, but Aiolos said he was cursed by the gods and sent him back out to sea. The gods use nature to
determine mortals journey. Odysseus men
encounter the man-eating Laistrygones These giants chase them,
and Odysseus leaves his men to die. Odysseus is a survivor Book X
The Island of Circe (Kirke) dire beauty and divine Circe gave them a drink that made them forget. She shut them in a pigsty-all except Eurylokhos. Hermes brings him an antidote(herb) for Circe "drug of evil" Odysseus sleeps with Circe in exchange for the release of his men. He brought the rest of the shipmates and they stayed months Circe tell Odysseus to make
a sacrifice to Teiresias, god of
underworld-Styx. Odysseus overcomes temptation to continue on his journey. The Sirens (Seirenes)p.214 line 202 Circe provides guidance
regarding how to get past the Sirens. Odysseus puts wax in the men's ears so they can't hear the luring song. The men tie Odysseus up so he, although tempted, cannot navigate towards the rocks. Obeying the gods can be good for mortals; but don't listen to distractions. Skylla and Charybdis (Kharybdis) row fast and stay close to Skylla, the monster She ate 6 men with her 6 heads, grabbing them with her 12 tentacled legs(description p. 212) Charybdis is like a whirlpool that would suck them underwater Don't focus on distractions, no matter how frightening. Island of the sun, Helios, lord of the noon p. 220-225 Book XII Eurylokhos is tempted by hunger. The men kill the cattle of Helios. Zeus sent a lightening bolt to break the mast. Odysseus is spouted up on a tree, and waits for the water to rise and the mast to reappear. He grabs the mast and floats to Ogygia
where Calypso lives. Odysseus Meets Eumaios, his swineherd Book XIII-XIV "O" lands on Ithaca and kisses the ground (p.241 line441). Athena transforms him, so no one recognizes him. p.244 Eumaios fed him, gave him blankets, told him of the status of his kingdom and family. Book XV, Athena tells Telemachus to go home. Odysseus and Telemachus reunite Book XVI-XXII p.295 line 210-230 He tells Telemachus to keep
his return secret. Antinoos, head suitor, threatens Telemachus Penelope is referred to as wise The test of the bow-
suitors try to use Odysseus bow to win Penelope. Book XXI No one can pull back the bow except Odysseus Odysseus and Telemachus take on the suitors in the hall. Book XXII Antinoos is the head suitor He tells his nurse, Eurykleia, not to tell his mother, Penelope, until he has been gone 12 days or she discovers it herself. He travels to Pylos to visit King Nestor and his son, Peisistratos and hear of his father's exploits in battle. Telemachus and Peisistratos travel on horseback to visit King Menelaos, the red-haired king, and his queen in Lakedaimon. Meanwhile, back in Ithaka, the suitors plot Telemachas death. Books V-VIII Odysseus is held captive on the island of Kalypso, the sea nymph. Athena pleads with Zeus to let Odysseus go. Zeus sends Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to tell Kalypso to let him go. The immortal gods always recognize each other. p. 83 line 82. Kalypso appeals to Odysseus to stay. She asks if Penelope is as beautiful as she and reminds him that Penelope will grow old unlike Kalypso. She warns him that his journey will be treacherous. p.86 line 212-212. Odysseus questions Kalypso's willingness to release him after 7 yrs. p.86-87 lines 183. He responds to her with guile and cleverness. He says as to trials, "Bring it." Line 233. She gave him tools to chop down trees and build a raft. He fells 20 trees without stopping(p.88). Once on the sea, he uses the stars as navigation (p.89, line 281). Poseidon realizes that while he was away, someone let "O" loose and he is angry. (Line 296-308). Odysseus washes up on the island of King Alkinoos and meets his daughter, Princess Nausikaa. She and her maids feed him and give him clothes. Athena appears as a little girl and leads "O" into the city. Athena ushers "O" to the throne of the queen in a veil of invisibility, and she receives him. The king and queen treat "O" as an honored guest, and their blind harper, Demodokos, plays songs of the Battle of Troy that cause "O" to cry. They also have athletic competitions before him where he joins in and throws the discus farther than anyone. He begins to tell his story to them all. Book X Book IX Book X Book XII Book XII p. 217 Book XVII-XXIV Athena, in the form of Mentor calls on Odysseus to call off the battle so that Ithacans "henceforth be friends; prosperity enough and peace attend them."(Zeus p. 460 lines 538-539) see also p. 463 line 605-614 "Warriors Farewell" Odysseus, Laertes, Telemachus and Mentor (Athena) go into battle together. Laertes is proud of his son and grandson's courage.p. 460-461 lines 561-578 "O" reveals himself to his father, Laertes. Laertes asks for proof that he is his son. p.454-455 lines 352-390 Eurykleia tells Penelope that "O" has returned. Penelope is doubtful. Even when she sees him, she isn't quite sure. Telemachus tells her, she is cruel, but she reassures him, that if it is indeed "O" then the two of them will know based on secrets only they two share. p.432 line 125 "O" has revealed the secret that he made a bed for them out of an olive tree that grew right up through the house. p.435 line 230 Athena turns "O" from a beggar into himself- see how he is described and Telemachus' response p.295 lines201-218
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