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Guess what popped up at the d.school?

webinar on pop up classes

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Guess what popped up at the d.school?

Thanks! :: britos@stanford.edu :: @LeticiaBritosC
Guess What Popped Up at the d.school?
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro
Stanford University
Design Thinking process
Creative Confidence
Doctores en hospitales rurales de Nepal necesitan
incubadoras más baratas y duraderas para tratar a recién nacidos con hipotermia
What was your definition of a pop-up class this quarter?
Short duration course, experimenting at fringes of curriculum
A test-run of a potential full quarter d.school course
A pop-up class was an opportunity to experiment with some aspect of what a “traditional” d.school class is: pedagogy, audience, format.
A magnet. A need-finding probe.
Appetite tester
A wild set of different flavors of the d.school
A vehicle for experimentation for both students and instructors
What do you think the definition of pop-up classes could be going forward?
A way to approve “formal” courses
A pop-up class could be a petri dish to evolve design thinking; a rocket to take design thinking to other planets.
A pop-up could be: primary vehicle for developing new curriculum, faculty, and overlaps
Vehicle of experimentation for instructors, inclusion for students
Pop-up could be prototype for a longer course driven by student interests
Mini-classes that are better in a short-format
An intense “pearl” -- small, but deep and valuable
pop up mop up
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