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My Prezi is free to look at but you can't comment.

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DSR Hacker

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of My Prezi is free to look at but you can't comment.

I was a good kid until things happenend in my life so i can't focus on this i got a life to worry about and a family to love and care about.
I use my spare/free time by playing games or reading.

I do take care of my mom i talk to my Step-dad by phone.

I play computer games and Xbox 360 games

I played games for 3 years and i haven't got violent once

Most kids get violent of video games but i can control my emotions around games.
I'm from the U.S.A
I love my life unless someone says something bad about me and others.

I have a half-brother and a baby brother. I have a mom that's in dialysis but i don't care i just love her for being her.
I am DSR Hacker :)
Welcome to my life.....
Mod = Fun

Xbox 360 games is fun too
Zombie games are fun also

TF2 is a fun game.
!This is garry's Mod you can bulid and do anything!
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