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Invisible Monsters

No description


on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters Chuck Palahniuk SO START HERE... Picture a big wedding reception in
the big manor house in West Hills Shannon McFarland, a once famous supermodel, has just witnessed her old best friend attempt to murder her long, lost brother And in this scene, what’s burning down around
them is a mock Tudor house created after a copy of a copy of a copy of a replica. And who started that fire? Shannon- putting a about a gallon of chanel number 5 all over the upstairs and put a lit wedding invitation to it But how did Shannon get here? Shannon was one of the most famous models until a tragic accident left her mutilated and disfigured and therefore unable to be a supermodel Reunited in the hospital with Brandy Alexander- her long lost brother supposedly deceased from the deadly AIDS virus has become the new queen supreme of the top-drawer party girls. Through out the book, Shannon struggles to find a new identity with her new appearence Covered in veils and hidden from society, Shannon takes Brandy along with her on random journeys finding their identities by raiding houses Shannons looking for an identity where shes hidden from everyone
Brandy wants the life Shannon used to have- being a famous model What books does it relate to from class? Invisible Monsters relates through a few books:
A Seperate Peace:
~both have the theme of growing up and life-long decision making
Lord of the Flies:
~both have theme of being surronded by people doing extreme things and losing innoncence
A Lesson Before Dying:
~both talk about death and drastic changes in both main characters I'm picking "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk because so many things in the book made me reevaluate the way I looked at concepts in my life for the better. "Palahniuk is one of the freshest, most intriguing voices to appear in a long time. He rearranges Vonnegut's sly humor, DeLillo's mordant social analysis, and Pynchon's antic surrealism (or is it R. Crumb's?) into a gleaming puzzle palace all his own." New York Newsday Works Cited
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These sources gave me a broad range of information to complete the task. The information gathered from sites about book reviews to articles helped give a better understanding of the book's popularity and thought provoking substance. In addition to the information that helped with the information aspect. there was also the clips and pictures that would make the presentation more interesting. These added bits created a more professional presentation- and all together with the information- it created a trailer for the book. "This is a wild ride of a novel....No one is who he or she seems to be, and the challenge is to figure out who is morphing into whom. By the end, most readers will be both exhausted and exhilarated." George Needham, Booklist "Palahniuk displays a Swiftian gift for satire, as well as a knack for crafting mesmerizing sentences that loom with stark, prickly prose and repetitive rhythms." San Francisco Examiner Invisible Monsters has the theme dealing with growing up, finding an identity, loss, friendship troubles, relationship troubles and family drama; all this will be an experience for everyone but most of these things are part of growing up as a teenager- therefore a perfect book to read And once Shannon finds Brandy shotgunned on the marble floors, she begins the trip of truly living in the identity she wants. Brandy is taken to the hospital, still dressed up like a supermodel when Shannon gives Brandy her birth certificate, social security number and every other peice of her identity to Brandy. Shannon then leaves with her plan to be in complete solitude and isolation.
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