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BEA Pres - Out With The Old

BEA 2010 Presentation for panel "Multicamera Studio Production" - Friday, April 16

William Hanff

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of BEA Pres - Out With The Old

Out With The Old,
In With The New: Newtek's Tricaster In Action William A. Hanff Jr., PhD.
Asistant Professor, Mass Media
University of the District of Columbia The History, Present & Future
of UDC's Instructional TV Studio Teaching
"the Interface" Changing
the Pedagogy Multicamera Studio Production:
Core Competency or Outdated Tradition? Both... 1) Visibility
2) Mapping
3) Feedback 4) Affordance
5) Consistency
6) Forgivemess 7) Generalizability
8) Diverse Applications
9) Heuristics Visibility U|X or User-Centered Design How eaily functions can be found...
...or hidden...and re-found. Tabs & Folders
Drop-Down Menus
"Applied Minimalism" Mapping the relationship between the function...and what it controls Feedback! "Adopt & Adapt" Technique Assesment & Evaluation Rakings for UGC Self-guided learning
through better mistakes: FAIL BETTER! Affordance Building confidence and trust
in the users ...core to any Pedagogy! Consistency Broadcast Style Guides
"CSS" for Video Productions "Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..."

...and the necessary-but-not-sufficient condition of
PROFESSIONALISM Forgiveness "I practive malicious compliance." 1998-2007 2008-2011 Generalizability
Diverse Applications
Heuristics ...experience-based techniques that help in problem solving, learning and discovery. A heuristic method is used to rapidly come to a solution that is hoped to be close to the best possible answer, or 'optimal solution'. (Wikipedia - ret. 04.12.2010) 1978-1997 custom-designed studio
and control room built circa 1978

analog GVG 3000 Switcher

added Video Toaster
(circa 1991) Courses Delivered:
Audiovisual Foundations
Intro & Adv. Studio Prod. retrofit studio &
control room

added Globecaster

ad hoc iMacs for editing
(circa 2001) Courses Delivered:
Intro & Adv. Studio Prod.
Intro & Adv. Remote Prod.
Fundamentals of Film Courses Delivered:
Intro & Adv. Studio Prod.
Writing for Elec. Media
Broadcast Journalism repaint studio (green screen)
& control room (darker)

added Tricaster

added new clocks & prompter

new FCP suites & newsroom WorkFlow A
Integrated Prosumer Amateur Professional Consumer Producer Prosumer Amateur Professional Mastery = Intentionality Continuing Contextual Inquiry Amateur Professional Consumer Producer "Entered
Apprentice" Prosumer "Practical
Journeyman" Newtek's Tricaster Inaction Media Epistemology How do we know what we know?
How do we know that we know what we know?
How do we asses information for usefulness? ...& the Future of UDC's Instructional TV Studio working with Cable Station (IPTV &CCTV)
short-form student productions & UGC
student editorial decisions/oversight
building an @UDC "Brand" for niche-casting
working with other disciplines (Gen. Ed.)
working with I.T. and Information Systems tinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/yyqdy23
BEA Group (Facebook)
#BEAconv (Twitter)
links & references forthcoming ...& the Future of this BEA panel discussion not a
just a very light grey White Elephant portmanteau Guild-style
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