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Measures to protect files from loss

Part of Year 10 ICT Health and Safety

Emilio Pascuzzi

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Measures to protect files from loss

Measures to protect files from loss By Lewis & Emilio You should always keep backups of important files so if they some how get deleted you will still have your important work.You can do this by saving it to a removable memory storage device or just save two copies of it. And finally... Storage! On Windows Mobile 6 devices and later versions, users can encrypt their sensitive info on their removable flash memory storage card. In effect, the info remains inaccessible unless you access it via it's original mobile device. If it gets lost or stolen, then whoever has it can't access it. Folder structure The folders should contain the correct documents so you don't get confused when looking for work. And they need to be easy to navigate around so it doesn't take much time to find the correct files. Meaningful file and folder names Thanks for watching Files to backup You need to plan the structure of the folder system you will use to store files.

There are several ways to do this - the important thing is to show you have thought about what you need to produce, and the folders you need to store your files in. Organizing Files Every file should have a suitable name so it is easy to navigate around your documents and files. Frequency The frequency of image backups of the entire database depends on the degree of activity in your database system. Meow Destination/medium

the destination backup medium depends on the size of the data being backed up. For small amounts of data you need storage devices such as a pen or zip and for larger amounts of data you larger USB's. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!
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