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Wider Professional Practice

No description

Lyndise Tarbuck

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Wider Professional Practice

Higher Education Act 2004
Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)
"HEPI is a registered charity which aims to build a bridge between policy makers and research, primarily through seminars and key contacts, through the publication of reports and through a web presence. HEPI is not only a research body: it does not simply undertake original research itself. It also identifies and synthesizes research carried out by others and analyses experience elsewhere; and it produces reports and other papers based on these, and uses these to inform the policy community and the general public. "

www.hepi.ac.uk 2013

Colchester Institute
The Bigger Picture
How I Develop learners wider skills
Their overall learning experience
Purple Folder - ensures the highest academic and professional standards within teaching, learning facilities and educational experience offered to students.

The quality of teaching and assessment they receive
University of Essex - Awarding Body
Internal Monitoring

The development of their professional practice
BACP Ethical Framework - Influences their conduct within the classroom and professional practice; confidentiality, sharing client work as part of learning process, governs their conduct during client work

B.A. (Hons) Counselling Studies
Accredited by
British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
External Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Agency (Q.A.A.)
How I meet the needs of learners?
Wider Professional Practice
Government Policies
External Quality Assurance
Internal Quality Assurance Procedures
Awarding Body
The inside story
Internal Quality Assurance
& Awarding Body

Colchester Institute
Quality Enhancement
Guide (Purple Folder)
The impact of these external factors
upon learners
Quality assurance and enhancement
- Annual review of courses
- Student feedback
- Course and module approval
- External examiners
- Periodic Review
- Committees of Senate

Embed wider practice development within taught sessions;
- Sharing my working experience/knowledge as a practising Counsellor
- Volunteering
- How to set up in private practice
- Working within MDT
- Inviting guest speakers

Course Progressions:

MSc Counselling Psychology
“the facilitation of significant learning rests upon certain attitudinal qualities which exist in the personal relationship between facilitator and the learner” Rogers (1969:106).
Rogers, C (1969) Freedom to Learn: A View of What Education Might Become
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