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Alabama in the 1930's

No description

Stephanie Linstedt

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Alabama in the 1930's

Segregation & Racism Jim Crow Laws: Separated and discriminated blacks from whites using laws that didn't mention race, but went against African Americans. The Great Depression *On October 29, 1929 occurred the worst stock market crash in history. This day was nicknamed "Black Tuesday." Alabama In the 1930's Farming & Work Fair Labor Standards Act: Min. wage of 40 cents per hour & Max. of 44 hrs. per week. Main Events The Scottsboro Boys Case: 9 young African American men were arrested in Paint Rock. They were accused of raping two young white girls, but there was great suspicion that they were lying. They were all sentenced to death, but one escaped and then got captured again, and one was shot by a prison guard. Work Cited http://www.archives.state.al.us/timeline/al1901.html
http://www.alabamamoments.state.al.us/sec48det.html 21st Amendment: Ended prohibition in the U.S to make money. Cotton production in bales= 1,312,963
Corn production in bushels= 35,683,874
Number of manufacturing establishments= 2,848 Ex. of Jim Crow Law: “It shall be unlawful for a negro and white person to play together or in company with each other in any game of cards or dice, dominoes or checkers.”
—Birmingham, Alabama, 1930 Jesse Owens 1936: Born in Oak ville, Alabama, soon competed in the 1936 Olympics as an African American. Jesse proved Hitler wrong, proving that blacks were equal to whites, greatly angering him. In 1931, the Birmingham Airport opened. To fly from Los Angeles to Birmingham, it took 19 hours! The End 207,000 Cotton Fields Birmingham was the one of Americas greatest cities affected by the Great Depression Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933: Paid cotton farmers to plow under one-third of their crops to reduce production and raise cotton prices. Video...
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