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The Most Dangerous Game Powerpoint

No description

Jada White

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game Powerpoint

Jada White period 4 English "The Most Dangerous Game"
By: Richard Connell The beginning of the story takes place at sea on a yacht.The story introduces Whitney(a shipmate) and a guy named Rainsford who was a hunter who thought "hunting was the best sport ever". They are on a yacht in the Amazon during the night talking in the front of the yacht. Whitney goes to bed leaving Rainsford by himself. Exposition 1. Rainsford falls off the yacht and swims onto Ship-Trap Island
2. General Zaroff decides to invent an animal that can reason with him when he is hunting
3. General Zaroff tells Rainsford that he doesn't hunt animals but he hunts people Rising Action 1. Rainsford pretends to leap into the water when General Zaroff is chasing him
2.General Zaroff was now the prey instead of the hunter.
3.The reader believed Rainsford to be dead, but he is actually alive.
4.The rules of the game are no longer being used Climax General Zaroff finds Rainsford hiding behind the curtains of his bedroom when General Zaroff was about to go to bed. General Zaroff thought Rainsford had died "when he jumped into the water" but was sadly mistaken. Falling Action General Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on winning the game but Rainsford dosen't fall for it. General Zaroff warns Rainsford that someone is going to die tonight and become the hounds dinner and another will end up having a good nights rest in Zaroff's bed. Rainsford and General Zaroff fight and Rainsford kills him. Rainsford had the best sleep that night knowing that the Most Dangerous Game was over. Resolution
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